UNO Has 65 New Trees

UNO Has 65 New Trees

March 27, 2018

Events list February 10 – Krewe de Armeinius Ball

Driftwood Staff

January 31, 2018

Through Feb. 8 - “Rites, Rituals, Revelry” The Historic New Orleans Collection is continuing its annual Mardi Gras-themed tour of the Williams Residence.  The tour starts with the beginning of Spanish and French coloni...

Privateer Plunge Favorites and “Hate-Its”

Sofia Gilmore-Montero, News Editor

October 22, 2017

Another season of Privateer Plunge has come and gone, and the results are in—students loved some events, hated others, and then there were those events that seemingly fell off the map. Geared toward freshmen and transfer st...

Where are all the PPlunge events?

Hope Brusstar, Copy Editor

September 22, 2017

The first six weeks of every academic year at UNO are important, especially for three groups of students: the new freshman class, student organizations and the Driftwood staff. During these six weeks, Privateer Plunge (PPlung...

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