Plan B should be free

Plan B should be free

March 6, 2019

On Modern Argument

Hope Brusstar

October 10, 2018

Being honest with myself, I am often the person who struggles to pay attention to the conversation until it is again my turn to talk. We are all selfish — it’s the human survival strategy, after all, so can we be blamed? — and t...

#MeToo: the movement’s second wave

Erinn Beth Langille

October 3, 2018

We are in what some might consider a second wave of the #MeToo movement. Consider the first wave of the #MeToo movement to be marked by ‘revelation:’ the admission that sexual harassment, assault and rape culture are common and...

Places to haunt in October

Cassandra Jaskiewicz

October 3, 2018

October has started, and that means Halloween is only a few weeks away. Many places are amping up their spooky decorations and their connection to the great beyond. New Orleans in particular has many options opening up to the ...

Are you registered?

Are you registered?

September 26, 2018

Destitution and wealth concentration

Crystal McCay

September 18, 2018

Economic inequality and poverty are increasingly referenced in political and social discourse today. Many conversations draw attention to the widening wealth gap in America and emphasize its status as an unprecedented economic...

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