Payton prevails:the NFL makes rule change

Saints’ head coach convinces NFL owners to vote in favor of rule change.

Stefan Muro, Reporter

April 14, 2019

Sixty-five days after the controversial “no-call” that most likely robbed the New Orleans Saints of a trip to Super Bowl LIII, the NFL has taken significant actions to address the issue. It was all thanks to the persistence of Saints’ head coach Sean Payton. Last week, coach Payton led an eight-man com...

Ken Burns: the great American storyteller

The man himself, Ken Burns.

Dylan Mininger, Entertainment Editor

April 14, 2019

I walked in to search for a seat, and the house was packed to the brim with an eclectic group of people, old and young alike, waiting for one of the greatest American storytellers to take the stage. Most who showed up expecting a seat were directed to a little room outside the ballroom with plasti...

TRAX ONLY and Dounia bring diversity and depth to BUKU festival

LaBauve and Louque of TRAX ONLY bring the house down to melodic house on Friday, March 22.

Milena Martinovic, Reporter

April 3, 2019

body positivity, For the seventh year in a row, BUKU festival has grown bigger than ever, adding another stage and selling out over the weekend of March 22 and 23 at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. The festival, mainly attracting EDM and hip-hop spring breakers from around the country, had two alter...

Behind the scenes of chopped and screwed music

DJ Screw diggin’ through his crates.

Dylan Mininger, Entertainment Editor

March 31, 2019

In the early 1990s, somewhere deep in a basement in Houston, a bass-heavy track emanates from the cracks of the house and fills the street. Robert Earl Davis Jr., or DJ Screw, sits at his turntables, pitching down his music to a low tempo and letting the record spin slower. The song unveils a deeper layer of tone, the t...

UpBeat Academy teaches teens to make beats

Amahl Abdul mentors the beat sequence of student Louis Hubbard.

Milena Martinovic, Reporter

March 31, 2019

Matt Zarba is trying to organize “meet and greets” between his students and the electronic and hip hop performers at the upcoming BUKU music and arts festival. “Wanna meet Kevin Gates?” “Nuh, I already met him,” replies Louis Hubbard, age 17. Upbeat Academy is a unique nonprofit ...

What is it really like to study abroad?

In 2017, the Innsbruck program — the largest study abroad program at UNO —enrolled its 10,000th student.

Demi Guillory, Reporter

March 31, 2019

Every summer since 1973, UNO has sent students around the world to study abroad. According to the summer program’s webpage, 17,000 students, including guest students from 75 American universities, have studied abroad with UNO’s award-winning programs. For a handful of UNO students and educators w...

Anna Laura Quinn feels the sudden urge to sing

Anna Laura Quinn performs with her band on Feb. 26 at the “She Comes In Peace” store and performance space.

Milena Martinovic and Dylan Mininger, Reporter and Entertainment Editor

March 27, 2019

Brazilian Bossa Nova. French Jazz. Dixieland. Anna Laura Quinn is a first year MFA student in jazz vocal performance at UNO who not only uses a range of vocals but sings fluently in three languages and multiple styles. Driftwood sat with her at the “Return of the Goddesses” event where she performed on Fe...

Mardi Gras: can locals even enjoy it any more?

Mardi Gras trash on Magazine Street after a parade.

Milena Martinovic, Reporter

March 27, 2019

All things must come to an end. Beneath the shimmering veils, the invite-only balls, vibrant floats, sugary king cakes and parties sprawl all the waste,  trash, crime, street blocks, frustrations, and for many, anxiety. If New Orleans is already the city of contradictions, then Mardi Gras is the time whe...

‘Amalgamations:’ A Walk Through Brennan Probst’s Exhibition

Pieces like “Dinner with My Mother-In-Law” (seen above) offer viewers a look through the eyes of Brennan Probst in everyday moments.

Nicole Guillen, Managing Editor

March 26, 2019

On a lively Saturday evening in the Bywater Arts District, the UNO St. Claude Gallery hosted MFA student Brennan Probst’s graduate exhibition. The title of the exhibition bears significance to Probst’s work. “Amalgamations” creates visuals based on the dynamic nature of time via photos and sketches. “It’s...

“Pleasure, Love and Run Fast:” film review of “Sorry Angel”

Vincent Lacoste and Pierre Deladonchamps star in

Milena Martinovic, Reporter

March 11, 2019

The 22nd annual French Film Festival took place from Feb. 15 - 21 at the Prytania Theatre. The film festival isn’t just for foreign cinema lovers: New Orleans, deeply rooted in French culture from history to cuisine, celebrates France through its strong, specific visual art as well. It is an opportuni...

Mardi Gras field guide: Killer Poboys

 Black Beer Beef Debris PoBoy is one of the many original sandwiches to be eaten at Killer PoBoys.

Nicole Guillen, Managing Editor

March 10, 2019

Marching up and down streets caked with makeup and adorned in elaborate costumes, many parade-goers find themselves desperately in need of a snack and or drink. Local New Orleanians know the inconvenience of walking countless blocks just to find one decent place to eat. The days of stumbling upon rand...

Mardi Gras Field Guide: NOLA Craft Culture

NOLA Craft Culture sparkles outwardly as an advocate of local New Orleans art culture, and it’s not only because of the glitter.

Nicole Guillen, Managing Editor

March 10, 2019

Whether you count the days until Mardi Gras season begins or count the days until it’s over, we can all agree that Mardi Gras is a special event that is a significant component to New Orleans culture. With this field guide series, I will single out the key aspects to Mardi Gras and the specific pla...

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