It’s getting harder and harder to impress Americans


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This week’s trending media stories focused on Apple’s latest technological releases. These yearly conventions usually have Americans in a frenzy, and while this one was no different, sometimes those of us in a first-world country should take a step back and realize just how good we have it.  

Some people were upset that Apple didn’t reinvent the wheel, that once again there were only minor improvements, and many lamented the fact that Apple acted as if water-resistant phones were the company’s original invention. Across the board, people were outraged at the fact that the new iPhone had no headphone jack.

It’s become hard to impress Americans. It is no longer good enough that our brand new pocket-sized supercomputers surf the web far faster than last year’s iteration. Technology really has to knock it out of the park for us to do something other than yawn and go back to swiping right on the devices we continue to be unimpressed with.

The American people are bored. The fact that Apple’s decision to remove a feature on their hardware made national headlines and spurred coast-to-coast outrage is indicative of how good we have it in this country.

To live in a country this wealthy, it’s almost impossible not to become jaded and spoiled. It’s built into human nature to become accustomed to what one is continually exposed to, and we are not a morally corrupt people because of it.

But what will it take wow our nation? Have we become a people too far gone to impress?
It’s cliche to tell Americans to remember how good they have it when they complain about something trivial. But like most cliches, it’s rooted in truth.

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It’s getting harder and harder to impress Americans