SGA President Antonio Torres: “Teamwork make the dream work.”

Regine Meridy, Staff

During his campaign, Student Government Association President Antonio Torres’ slogan was “Grow your Voice.” As president, he plans to grow the voice of the students not just on a collegiate level, but on a state level as well. He was appointed by the governor to one of 16 state-level positions.

“It’s a great honor and a great responsibility. I take this position very seriously.” He hopes to gain a closer connection with the student body.

One of the many changes Torres implemented since taking office included providing a vegan option in food services. “That way, vegans will have more options than just eating tofu,” he said. While this change may seem small to some, it is very important to the sizeable vegan and vegetarian population of university students who were previously limited in their food choices.

Torres has many plans for the future of SGA, including expanding membership in the Senate. So far, recruitment is going well. “Over the summer, we recruited at least 82 senators. We got some incoming freshmen from the UNO orientations.”

Torres also mentioned that he wants to change meeting times so that SGA members can meet more often. In light of this expansion, he said that there has also been talk of a council strictly for graduate students.

“It’s a work in progress,” he explained. “I have a very diverse staff, filled with traditional and nontraditional students, ready to hear people’s voices. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Another of his goals is to collaborate with other student organizations to attack bigger issues. One of his recent collaborations helped to aid the flood victims in Baton Rouge with vital items such as toiletries and food.

“One of things that I have had issues with was seeing a lot of student organizations get denied money because the senate felt like the money could go to more important issues,” Torres said. “As the new SGA President, I plan on making sure that all the student organizations get the money they deserve.”
Torres said that he plans to utilize Driftwood for SGA announcements and other related news. Students are encouraged to check back frequently for the latest updates.