Friday night at the Cove closed for business

Jamie Lloyd, Staff

The Cove, a favorite hangout for many University of New Orleans students, has recently announced the closure of some of its most popular one-stop shops on Fridays, notably Popeyes and Sushi-c. Additionally, the Cove has implemented a semi-reduced schedule for the university’s Sandbar, having the bar close at 6 p.m. this semester, a little too early in the evening for some students.  

The Cove’s recent closures on Fridays has some faculty and staff wondering if this is indicative of a series of recent budget cuts made by the university.  

Jacqueline Kadletz, supervisor of the Cove and other eateries on campus, sheds light on the new hours. “We have closed [earlier] because it was not working out financially for us on Fridays last semester, so we wanted to find a different way to [stay open].”

“Same thing for operation hours as well,” Kadletz continued, noting that she and other supervisors began to notice, last semester, the lack of business the Sandbar was getting later in the evening during its regularly scheduled weekday hours.  

“We need to run this business effectively. If there are no people or guests at a certain time in the establishments, then it doesn’t really work out.” Kadletz explains.

This is not to say that these new hours will affect special events at the Cove, notably the ever-popular “Jazz at the Sandbar” series that always draws in a healthy crowd. “Regarding events we will always open longer,” Kadletz clarifies. “That has never been a question.”

The Sandbar also plans to debut other regularly scheduled events beyond jazz and comedy nights, one being a regular “Monday Night Football” event, where anyone can come watch their favorite NFL teams duke it out on the big screen. “That said, we will always open up for certain events, if that is requested. We want to have that business,” Kadletz adds. “We are working on quite a bit of marketing and advertising in that direction as well to drive the business.”

This bodes well for The Cove, as UNO has many student organizations that are always interested in hosting events around campus. Kadletz is confident that the Sandbar is well equipped to host any student event, no matter what it entails. “There’s so many options in that bar,” she continues, citing the large screen and the sound system as well as the menu and handcrafted drink selection. “We want to work with you guys. You should have fun at the dining locations.”

It appears that although the hours are not as favorable this semester for some students, there is a definite silver lining for student groups and organizations to take advantage of what The Cove has to offer in terms of hosting events and getting students involved.  

“We are ready to welcome a crowd,” adds Kadletz. “Just communicate with us, and then we will make it work.”
To contact the Cove for a special event or just an inquiry, go there directly or email them at [email protected]