Former KKK Grand Wizard speaks out on higher education

Former KKK Grand Wizard speaks out on higher education

Emmanuel d'Aubignosc

Christopher Walker, Editor-in-Chief

David Duke, former Grand Wizard of Klu Klux Klan, is running for the Louisiana Senate to replace outgoing Republican senator David Vitter. If the idea of a former KKK member being elected to congress sounds like a far-fetched idea, Duke ran a successful campaign for the Louisiana senate back in 1989.

Duke’s career can be summed up in advice his political manager gave him back in his 1990 campaign for senator. “The Jews just aren’t a big issue in Louisiana. We keep telling David, ‘stick to attacking the blacks. There’s no point in going after the Jews, you just piss them off and nobody here cares about them anyway.’”

Although David Duke is running as a Republican, his campaign has been condemned and not financially supported by the GOP. Although the Republican Party wants nothing to do with him, Duke has endorsed Donald Trump, saying “America has finally embraced my vision of the future.”

Driftwood spoke with Duke about his stance on higher education in the United States.

“Well, I have a lot of thoughts on [the TOPS cut]. First of all, I have a Ph.D. and have been invited to speak at over 200 universities all over the world, I am very familiar with European universities. And the principle that I believe in is that the universities in this country should be free, and acceptance should be as based on merit as high school is.”

“I think that’s the way it should be done. The European system is a superior system in terms of higher education, and we can see that in the recent decline of American education. I think that acceptance into universities should be based on merit: if you score high on your examinations and so forth, your university is paid for by the state. And the best students go to the most prestigious schools. And, to me, that’s a much fairer system than the one we have in place in America.”

“As you know, in America, we have the most elite schools, such as Ivy League, which is where a lot of the elite from America originate. If you get a degree from Harvard, Princeton, Yale (and maybe it shouldn’t be this way), but if you get a degree from one of them, you pretty much go to the top of the list in terms of hiring, and even for promotions within a company once you’re hired.”

“If you have a graduate degree from Harvard, it puts you at the top of the list for almost anything. So why do we have a situation in this country where students are straddled with horrific debt at the same time we have HP1 Visas that let schools around the world have their citizens come here AND get an education, when their country is not even paying [for their citizen’s] education?”

“So this is stuff we have to pay for. This is critical.”