Your Magnum XXL condoms are just a marketing scheme

Your Magnum XXL condoms are just a marketing scheme

Grant Campbell

Christopher Walker, Editor-in-Chief

Nobody likes wearing condoms. But it’s like eating vegetables: you have to do it. And for the majority of men, the size of their penis is of great importance to them. Men want to be perceived by women to be as big as possible.

Trojan Magnum XXL is a type of condom that is supposedly marketed to the larger men in society, the ones that need extra length and width. The brand name is synonymous with “stud” in American society.  

And the majority of men, at some point in their lives, try these condoms out. They try them if for nothing else than to know whether they are one of the few lucky men who posses the size needed to use this special condom.

Those who have tried the condom on found that it fit just right. The male thinks he’s well-endowed and becomes quite proud of the fact that he’s one of the few men that can use it.

Here’s a little known secret that Trojan doesn’t want you to know: that XXL condom is the same size as the other types of condoms they sell. Place the XXL condoms side by side with any other brand of condoms or version of Trojans and there’s no difference. Jim Daniels, the VP of marketing for Trojan condoms, admitted to the New York Times that it’s all just a marketing scheme.

It is required by federal law that all condoms in the United States are the same width and length.

The logic behind the law attempts to avoid illogical thinking by the male, who might reach for the largest possible condoms available in stores to impress their lady friends. Oversized condoms could potentially slip off during the act, leading to a national pregnancy crises created by the male ego.

The fact that Trojan Magnums are one the best-selling condoms in the United States proves that, perhaps, the government is right.

If a certain brand of condoms gives the appearance of a larger size, whether mentally or physically, it’s likely that you’ll be loyal to that brand. Wearing that brand’s particular condom makes you feel special, giving you that extra confidence when it’s needed most.

It sounds funny, and it kind of is, but getting a properly sized condom isn’t a joke. Many males, in the heat of the moment, will risk contracting STDs and pregnancy by foregoing the use of a condom that is too small because it’s tight, restricts blood flow, and loses virtually all sensation.

Many people will roll their eyes when males say that the condom doesn’t fit or that it’s too tight, as a condom can be blown up to the size of a balloon. But that ring on the opening always stays the same width, and it blocks blood flow for some males.
Europe does not have the same federal regulations, and condom makers overseas create condoms of varying widths, though length stays the same size. MySize condoms, which have seven different width options available, are very popular in Europe and are available on Amazon. If you find your American condoms too small, try outsourcing your problem overseas.