Monogamy contributes to mutually satisfying sexual experiences

Grant Campbell

Anjanae Crump, Managing Editor

Monogamy – a word interchangeable with monotony to some people. Commitment and the idea of spending a lifetime with the same person scares many away. And while sex with the same person year after year may seem susceptible to lifelessness, there are indeed many perks to it!

First and foremost, monogamous sex allows for a clear mind. As long as both parties are faithful and have tested negative for STDs, they don’t have to worry about the introduction of any infections into their bodies. This also eliminates the need for condoms if, and only if, another method of birth control is being used, such as the pill. Don’t think for a second that the “pull-out” method is effective!

As cliché as it may sound, love is another benefit of monogamous sex. When you love the person you’re allowing to become one with you, it always seems to feel better. Sex is a mental journey as well as a physical one. Having that extra connection can really intensify what you already feel, and can truly bring your union even closer together.

Another benefit is being more easily satisfied. When you’ve been with someone for a while, they have more time and reason to learn everything you like and don’t like sexually. They learn exactly where and when to do the very thing that drives you wild.

Experimentation is also a possibility. The level of mutual comfort within a monogamous relationship is likely to be higher than with a casual partner. This means both of you may feel more comfortable introducing new sexual ideas and things to try. It’s also more likely to occur, as sex will need to be spiced up to keep the fire burning. This can be highly enjoyable if done right.

A benefit that may be overlooked is being able to laugh at your awkward sexual moments. When you have a long-term partner, you learn that you can’t take everything too seriously. During sex with a more casual partner you may feel more pressure to perform perfectly, and while you should always want to satisfy your partner, it won’t be the end of the world if something weird happens. It may indeed be funny, and sharing these moments with someone you trust can make for beautiful memories.

Another perk is availability. When your partner knows they’re the only person you’re having sex with, and vice versa, they’re more likely to give it to you on a more frequent basis and whenever you want it. A person you’re having casual sex with may not see your wants as a top priority, and you may be left hanging at times.

Monogamous sex does not have to be routine and boring. It can indeed be very beneficial for both parties for all the reasons mentioned above. Give it a try!