Staff Picks: Lunch Dates

Kelley Davis, Nathan Nguyen, Christopher Walker, and Mindy Jarrett

Kelley Davis – Live Oak Café

Live Oak Cafe

8140 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA

Looking for a cozy little spot to take that hottie you’ve been eyeing for a good while now? Look no further than Live Oak Café, located in the heart of uptown, off of Carrollton on – you guessed it – Oak Street. I recently went to the newly renovated Oak Street Café for brunch and was pleasantly surprised at the brightly colored interior, the piano and harmonica singing duo playing inside the restaurant, and the decently priced, delicious menu available. Most of their entrees don’t run over $10, and they offer a wide variety of meals, ranging from pancakes with Chantilly cream, to a tasty BLT sandwich, and plenty of egg breakfast specials that will make your mouth water by just reading the descriptions. Bonus: take your lunch date for a stroll down the eclectic shops on Oak Street for brownie points!

Nathan Nguyen – Seersucker


938 Hancock Street, Gretna, LA

Seerksucker is a local restaurant that has a casual atmosphere and a great, fun staff. It’s super affordable – most meals cost around $10 per person. This place is my tried and true. It may not be fancy or romantic, but it is the fi rst restaurant I think of when I want to take someone on a lunch date. You can get anything from red beans and rice with a side of cornbread or even a po’boy. When I go to Seersucker, I know the service will be quick and wonderful, the food will be even better, and my wallet will be able to afford a second date.

Christopher Walker – Ba Chi Canteen


7900 Maple Street, New Orleans, LA

Over on Maple Street, deep in Uptown, there lies a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant named Ba Chi Canteen. For some, the idea of Vietnamese food is terrifying, as they rarely step outside their comfort food of traditional American/Mexican/Chinese. Trust me, try their tacos (Vietnamese tacos), and you’ll fall in love with the cuisine. Once you have a feel for Vietnamese food, you’ll need to try the pho, spring rolls, and peanut butter sauce. Low prices and terrific outdoor seating make Ba Chi Canteen a terrifi c place for a lunch date.

Mindy Jarrett – La Casita

La Casita

634 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA

Dating can be nerve-wracking, but the right spot can help to curb them. The original restaurant on Julia Street in the CBD and the newly opened La Casita Taqueria on Oak Street, uptown, both offer a lively atmosphere that won’t leave you sitting in an awkward silence during the date. The menu offers variety without being excessive. Its “simple tacos” are great even for those unsure of Mexican food. But the daily happy hour is its best asset. From 3-7 p.m. every day, the restaurant offers both drink and food specials – those simple tacos are $2.