Frank Ocean bores with visual album, “Endless”

Leo Castell, Staff

Frank Ocean’s “Endless” is a 45-minute visual album that was released the day before his much-anticipated second studio album, “Blonde”. “Endless” seemed to occupy a strange space between music video and art film, much like Beyonce’s last two visual accompaniments to her albums.

The visual portion of “Endless” simply serves to color the music heard throughout. Ironic, because its entirety is shot in black and white. It doesn’t really have any kind of narrative, it simply includes Ocean and a few clones of himself working with power tools in a big room.

If that sounds a little unexciting, that’s because it is. With or without the visuals, the music is perfectly entertaining and will satisfy any of Ocean’s fans. But if you’re sitting down to watch the album, it might be difficult to keep your eyes from drifting.

The closest thing to compare “Endless” to is the visualizer effect one might find in music apps. In that regard, it’s more than fulfilling, to anyone who might be passionate about visual effects.

After watching it once, you probably wouldn’t want to watch it again and would rather just listen to the music on its own. I can see this album being played on TV screens in a club where people can look at it for a bit in between doing other things, but even then it’s so long that everyone would be listening to Frank Ocean for almost an hour rather than going through some kind of music video rotation.

Ultimately, “Endless” is an inoffensive extra that adds very little, but at least doesn’t take anything way.