New editor, new Driftwood

Christopher Walker, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back! As Driftwood editor-in-chief, I would like to use this space in our first issue to address some changes we are implementing here at Driftwood for the coming year.

First and foremost, we are extremely excited about our brand-new website,; a shining example of a contemporary student-news website, and we are thrilled to finally have a stylish, digital presence. All journalistic innovation is taking place on the Web, and Driftwood is happy to be part of that conversation.

You will notice links to our new media platform “The Drift” on our website which will regularly feature short videos related to the University of New Orleans and the surrounding community.

Alongside our digital makeover, we have upgraded our paper stock and made some other adjustments along the way. You may have noticed several new, eye-pleasing newspaper stands around campus that are weather-proof and even have space for recycling.

We are also expanding our coverage beyond campus events by putting an eye on national politics, events, and issues that directly impact our students. We no longer want Driftwood to have tunnel vision on strictly UNO’s events and issues.

We are introducing new feature ideas as well. At least bi-weekly I will recommend a work of contemporary fiction that was recently released. This week is Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing, next week will be a review of Emma Cline’s The Girls. Literature is still an important part of our culture, a part far too often neglected by college students.

And lastly, perhaps most importantly, we have changed how Driftwood thinks. I came in with the idea that each issue of Driftwood should focus around one central topic. This week it’s Black Lives Matter. Next week, the focus is on drugs.

Driftwood, as a weekly publication, has to be written with a different mindset from a daily newspaper. You are unlikely to first learn about major news events from us; but what we can do is present a unique interpretation of the major news events with an analysis provided by experts.

We are looking for talented writers who believe in our vision to join our staff. We welcome those with writing backgrounds and those who just want to give journalism a try. We also encourage students to write to us if they have strong feelings, whether positive or negative, about one of our pieces, in a letter to the editor.

We are looking forward to the upcoming year and to the changes that are happening. We hope you share our enthusiasm. Pick up our paper. Read it.