Don’t write off Greek Life because of stereotypes

Don't write off Greek Life because of stereotypes

Fraternity and sorority members are usually portrayed in movies and television shows as a bunch of pretentious and promiscuous almost-adults, who spend their time binge drinking at parties, flunking out of school, and trying to be as similar to each other as possible. This misrepresentation could not be further from the truth. In reality, members of Greek Life are motivated, hard-working, and involved students who want to make the most out of their college experience.

Through Greek Life, you get to know many individuals; some are similar to you, others who are very different. Unlike the commonly held belief, you are not paying for your friends. These people, who you are privileged enough to call your brothers or sisters, genuinely love and care for you like family. They’ll help you change a tire when you get a flat, keep you company at Yummy Sushi while you pig out, and be there at your side on your wedding day.

Most importantly, your brothers and sisters are there to keep you focused on why you are in school in the first place. In order to be in Greek Life, you must maintain a high GPA; so if it encourages anything, Greek Life motivates you to keep your grades up. Greek Life not only positively affects your schoolwork, but it helps you network, which can have a huge impact on your life after graduation. By being an active member in your fraternity/sorority, you make connections with chapter alumni, who are sometimes ready to offer you a job before you receive your diploma.

Don’t worry about conforming or becoming someone that you’re not. Greek Life celebrates and encourages each person’s differences by utilizing them in unique ways. If you are someone who prefers to spearhead and take the reins on a project, there are leadership positions for you. If you are someone who prefers to sit in the backseat and have less of a direct impact in making plans, there are places for you as well.  

It’s no coincidence that most UNO campus leaders are Greeks; Greek Life breeds leaders. These people want to participate in various organizations on campus and get involved in the community. A huge component of being a Greek is service. Each fraternity and sorority has philanthropy they support and raise money for. By doing this in college, a sense of service is instilled in you and will continue to shine long after you cross the Graduation stage.

I was hesitant before joining Greek Life because of my misconceived notion of what it was in the first place. I do not regret joining my sorority in the slightest. What I cherish most about my first year of college is the friendships I have made through UNO Greek Life, and the changes I’ve seen in myself because of it.