Staff Picks: Apps

Roxanne Ardekani, Christopher Walker, Anjanae Crump, and Leo Castell


Need a lyft?

I experienced my first Lyft ride recently and I was 100% satisfied with my experience. When we reached our destination, I realized I had put in the wrong address and had a moment of panic. With Uber, I would have had to get another ride and make another payment, but my Lyft driver told me to enter the correct address into the app and we proceeded to the new location. Along with being cheaper, Lyft seems more intuitive, and I recommend it over Uber         – Roxanne Ardekani


Audible: For readers on the go

I loved reading as a kid; I devoured books. When I got to college, with a heavy school workload and a busy social life, I put down the books. I got out of the habit of reading a little bit each day, and I was scared I might never get back into it. But then I found out about audiobooks, the app Audible, and my life changed. I promise you: the time you spend in your car each day can be put to better use. Instead of listening to your music library for the umpteenth time, turn on an audiobook. You’ll be delighted when you rediscover reading.    – Christopher Walker



I love the RTA app. I hate to carry cash, and being able to buy certain tickets straight from my phone makes it very convenient. It’s also much quicker than having to insert a wrinkled dollar or a bunch of coins while on a moving bus. I definitely recommend it to anyone, whether you use the RTA every day or every blue moon.     – Anjanae Crump

Pocket Casts

PocketCasts provides hours of entertainment

If you’re anything like me, then you probably enjoy listening to podcasts in between the commute from home-to-school-to-work and back home again. Unfortunately, every free podcast app I know of is abysmal.  Well, you’d be pleased to know that for a little more than the price of a Happy Meal you can download Shift Jelly’s excellent Pocket Casts app for Android and iOS. $4 gets you a podcast app devoid of ads and automatically downloads any new additional episodes of your favorite shows. A $4 investment rarely returns on 400+ hours of entertainment, but this one certainly will.   – Leo Castell