Sports Seasons Suspended


Lexi Ancar, Staff Photographer & Contributing Writer

The NBA, MLB, and NHL, almost everyone is a fan of at least one and, therefore almost everyone knows what is going on. It’s no secret that coronavirus is ruining a lot of events especially when it comes to sports. Before we all realized how major a virus it would be, currently labeled a pandemic, canceling sports events let alone seasons seemed unimaginable. Not only is this upsetting to fans, but this is upsetting to workers. 

Before making the hardest decision they were faced with, the NBA had only made it a rare thought of suspending the rest of the season. Before this decision, the NBA only thought of just letting the players play in an empty arena, that is until the first positive COVID-19 case. Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player who tested positive for COVID-19. Two days before he was tested positive, Rudy was at a conference and playfully touched all of the microphones making fun of the virus. Now, he has released a video from the official Twitter of the NBA to discuss how he is doing, “…I’ve been feeling a little better every single day thanks to the healthcare people of Utah and Oklahoma City and all the great people around me.” In the video, he also stated how he wished he would have taken this more seriously. There are also other NBA players who have been tested positive giving more reason to keep the season suspended to at least June in a best-case scenario. 

Along with suspending the rest of the season, they (the NCAA) also canceled the Men’s Basketball Tournament which does not look good financially. Not only does the NCAA and the NBA lose money, but the question of the fans remain, what do they do with their tickets? 

Computer Science major Hakeem Blackstone is one of the many wondering about this along with thinking about the seniors who lost their last season, “I know why they’re doing it and I don’t blame them for taking precautions but I hope they have plans for the ticket holders…at least they’re giving college athletes another season of eligibility.” 

The MLB has decided to postpone its regular-season games until about April. This decision came quickly when one of the minor league players was tested positive for COVID-19. The Yankees’ minor leaguers were all told to be in isolation and to make sure they wash their hands and do what is necessary to stay as healthy as possible. The player that was tested for COVID-19 has not been named and so far will not be named but according to their general manager Brian Cashman, “The player’s symptoms have dissipated, and he is resolved symptom-wise. No more fever, no more fatigue. He is much better, although he is still isolated.”

As for the NHL, there are no suspected cases or any players that have tested positive for the COVID-19. Before the NHL suspended the season, they were going to do what the rest of the organizations were going to do, play with no crowd. Just like the others, they want to prevent spreading the virus as well. As of now, it is not known when they will resume their season but according to the NHL, “…we are hopeful that we can continue the season when it is safe to resume.” One player P.K. Subban said that this is bigger than hockey and that everyone needs to do their part in order to stay healthy. 

Although the Sports leagues and associations are taking precautions for the players, workers, and fans, some people do not agree with what is going on. Aliyah Boyle, a political science major states, “It’s bologna. It’s ridiculous that it’s happening over a virus that is really not affecting the population of the age of the players and most of the audience.” 

When it comes to finances many are worried about their jobs, especially since they are out of work. But many players like Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz and Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans pledge to pay the workers. Zion Williamson stated in an Instagram post that this is “a small way” that he can help the workers, especially since they are out of work because of this pandemic. 

Indeed this is hard for the fans and players to experience since they all love the game, but they all know it is the best thing to do in order to protect everyone. Although it is unknown when all of the seasons will start, we know one thing, the leagues and associations are doing their best to make sure the players, fans, workers, and anyone else are healthy and safe in order to get back to their stadiums.