Driftwood Team’s Official Coronavirus Survival Guide

Entertainment Editor, Trey Guillotine, and Driftwood staff give you tips for staying sane during the Quarantine.


Trey Guillotine, Entertainment Editor

Let’s be honest, we are living in a scary time right now. As if fires in Australia and citizens toxically divided on every issue wasn’t enough, we now face the CoronaVirus. Times are tough but fear not, Privateers! Your Driftwood staff has put together a guide to making quarantining not-so-bad. 

We even checked in with Therapist, Thomas Fewer who had his own recommendations: Two books I would recommend would be ‘Full Catastrophe Living’ by Jon Kabat-Zin and ‘Peace is Every Step’ by Thich Nhat Hanh.  Both of these deal with mindfulness, meditation and staying grounded in your body.”

“I would also recommend trying not to oversaturate your mind with news, politics and comment sections.  Spend time outside in nature as much as you can, even if it’s just sitting on the porch or going for a walk. Taking care of plants, pets or other people is also a great way to nurture yourself.”


Magnesium: According to Healthline.com, “While less than 2% of Americans have been estimated to experience magnesium deficiency, one study suggests that up to 75% are not meeting their recommended intake.” Magnesium is a natural supplement that is known to regulate brain health and muscle tension. Bonus: It helps you sleep.

Fresh flowers: Everyone needs a little color in their lives and plus, it’s the new Instagram trend.

Fresh fruit: Toilet paper is nowhere near as important. Get your Vitamin C!

Medkit: Bandages, band-aids, and meds you and/or your loved ones rely on. We don’t know how long this virus will last, so make sure you are stocked up with the proper medical resources to survive. 




While Covid-19 hasn’t turned anyone into a zombie (yet), it’s a good idea to spend some time watching, reading, or playing a selection of titles to prepare you for the worst during this pre-apocalyptic time. 

‘The Walking Dead’: This adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name can show you tips on how to be a leader during a crisis, DIY protections, and to fear the living. This series is especially relevant to us as it takes place in the south so we see more of our natural habitat. Its spin off, “Fear the Walking Dead” (which should have been named The Walking Dread) takes place on the West Coast, but offers more guidance to an urban setting and what to do at the beginning of the infection. 

‘Shaun of the Dead’: Much like “The Walking Dead,” this film teaches you how to be a leader, and also how to move through the zombie hoard quietly. It’s also a strong comedy about friendship that you can watch while having a nice, cold pint, and wait for this to all blow over. 

Jim Henson’s ‘The Storyteller’: After years of being in limbo online, Season 1 has come to Amazon Prime! This BAFTA-award winning series is perhaps Jim Henson’s most underrated project in his canon. Starring the late, great John Hurt (“Only Lovers Left Alive”) as a mystical, fireside, quasi-medieval storyteller, he will enchant you with European folktales from days of yore alongside an inquisitive muppet pup. The visuals are breathtaking and “The Soldier and Death,” starring Bob Peck of “Jurassic Park,” (episode 5) has a special message for these trying times.



‘Cosmos’: Counselor Thomas Fewer added this to his list of recommendations. .  I would also recommend this documentary by Carl Sagan. It’s an inspiring exploration of astronomy that may broaden your perspective on life.”

‘The Zombie Survival Guide’: Written by author Max Brooks, this survival guide helps you navigate the pre-to-post-apocalyptic landscape. It tells you the tools you need, strategies to avoid hostiles, and safety tips to ensure you and your loved ones don’t become infected. 

‘World War Z’: By the same author of The Zombie Survival Guide, this novel recounts the fictional Zombie War in a series of interviews, beginning from the first infection to how the living finally survived their struggle against the undead. While the topic is zombies, though, it is also a gripping perspective of how humanity will react in a crisis. 

Seneca’s ‘On the Shortness of Life: For those with an interest in waxing philosophical, this essay by the Stoic Roman philosopher is available online. A short read, Seneca emphasizes that Nature gives us plenty of time to do what we need to do. Sound familiar? It’s partly what Gandalf meant when he said: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” 



Feck ‘This is From Lenny’: It’s no secret we are fans of UNO alum Feck. His latest bandcamp production is in the vein of Nirvana’s Incesticide, with many covers and unrelated tracks but that completely makes sense when viewed as a whole. The spotlight song on this one is Feck’s cover of “I Came For You,” complete with shattered yowls and heartbreaking vocals

‘World War Z’: The audiobook of the before-mentioned book isn’t just the audio version of the same story. This audio book has a huge cast of actors such as Mark Hamil and Alan Arkn lending their voices to bring these interviews to life. Even if you’ve read the book already, do yourself a favor and listen to the audiobook

DOOM Soundtrack (2016): Music can make or break a mood. It can inspire or devastate. While we still have access to iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music, make the best playlist for you to have while self isolated or while journeying through the empty streets of New Orleans, searching for food or any signs of life. Preferably, I like rock and heavy metal, so my go to is the soundtrack for the game DOOM (2016). It really sets the tone for fighting monsters with nothing to lose. 

‘My Favorite Murder’: True-crime has become one of the biggest genres of today s pop-culture. Listen to one of the original true-crime podcasts. My Favorite Murder mixes true crime with comedy, brought to you by its hosts, Karen and Georgia, as well as Georgia’s cat, Elvis. They have a HUGE backlog of episodes sharing some of the craziest true crime stories you’ve ever heard.

‘Last Podcast on the Left’: For more true-crime, join the fun with three Brooklynites who have hilarious comedy courtesy of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell actor Henry Zebrowski, political commentator Ben Kissell, and fun fact expert, Marcus Park. (The 3-part Jeffrey Dahmer episode is highly recommended.) 

The Critical Role Podcast: For our more geek inclined readers, tryout The Critical Role Podcast. Starting as a YouTube series on Geek and Sundry, Critical Role follows a D&D group full of talented voice actors on their adventures in search of gold and glory. 



Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Taking place in a ravaged Washington DC, Division 2 puts you in the shoes of a government agent tasked with ensuring the continuity of government after a world wide virus wipes out most of humanity. Fighting off gangs who have taken control of the city, you depend on your skills and the resources you gather to restore a sense of normalcy to DC. 

Fallout 4: Waking up from cryostasis 200+ years after nuclear war turns the planet into a radiated post-apocalyptic landscape, the sole survivor emerges from his fallout shelter, or vault, to traverse a dangerous new world. Fighting against new factions with their own ideas of how society should be, you are faced with the choices of uniting these disparate groups and choose the future of the wasteland. 


Driftwood Staff also contributed to this compilation.