Letter to the Editor: The Cost of UNO Tuition

Dear Editor:


When I started at UNO in August of ‘72, my tuition was $145 a semester to go full-time. Anyone could afford to go to college and graduate without debt.


Reaganomics put an end to affordable higher education, on the excuse that people who didn’t go to college should not have to pay taxes to provide an education for future professionals. Let the future professionals take out student loans (at usurious interest rates) to pay for their own education. “They will be able to pay them back once they ascend into the professional world their diplomas allow them.“


The first lie is that “Joe Sixpack’s” taxes paid for my cheap education. That was never the case; it was the multi-millionaires in Reagan’s cabinet who were paying off the top of their multi-million-dollar annual incomes. The second lie is that a college diploma is all one needs to make a high income. But most jobs that require a diploma don’t pay well: teaching, health care, social work, any kind of government work, entry level jobs doing anything…


And now UNO costs $9,000 to go full-time, living at home, riding a bicycle to school and packing your lunch. I would like Driftwood to find out exactly what a matriculation should cost. For example, if I take a history class in the LA building, as one of fifty students, the real cost of my lessons should be one-fiftieth the teacher’s pay and expenses for the class, one-fiftieth the real cost of the space and the payment to the secretary who spends four minutes adding that class to my transcript. One eight-thousandth the cost of the upkeep of the campus and auxiliary buildings, etc.


Tony Fennelly 

UNO Class of 1976