Alignment Quiz Part 2 (GNE)


Jessi Siebert, Columnist

This is a continuation of the last issue’s Alignment Quiz, so if you haven’t done that one you should go check it out first! It explains a few things you need to know to take this one effectively. This half of the quiz will determine if you’re Good, Neutral, or Evil. You should already know this but if you don’t, here’s to hoping a three question quiz with strict answer choices can illuminate your moral compass.




  1. You find a wallet on the street containing a very wealthy person’s spare credit card. You know that they wouldn’t miss a few hundred dollars a week, so long as you’re careful. What do you do?


  1. Leave the wallet be; it’ll be someone else’s problem. What others do with it is none of your concern. (0)
  2. Take the wallet to the police. This much available money could be disastrous in the wrong hands. Not everyone is as nice as you. (+1)
  3. A few hundred a week? That’s like, $400 a month. Say hello to fully stocked groceries and some new games/movies! (-1)


  1. You’re playing a competitive game with someone way below your skill level. You could easily wipe the floor with them, or help them learn better. What do you do?


  1. Go all out, give it 110%. It’s their own fault for going up against someone better than them. Power and victory above all else. (-1)
  2. Be casual. I won’t have fun if I dumb down, and they won’t grow if I baby them, so whatever happens, happens. (0)
  3. Go easy. It’s not babying so much as it’s guiding them. Positive reinforcement, even if it’s throwing some games, will help them learn and want to play more. (+1)


  1. Let’s be honest, you should have seen this one coming. Someone is lying in front of you, be they an enemy, or someone random who has wronged you. They’re dying rather slowly. Despite your past together, they beg you to put them out of their misery. What do you do?


  1. Either mercy kill them, or get them help. Nobody deserves to lie there and suffer, even if they’re against you. (+1)
  2. Harm them more or watch them suffer. They made a mistake in being against you, and now that you’re in the position of power, they want mercy? No. They pay today. (-1)
  3. Either leave, or alert others to your position. You’ve made your peace with this person, now they need to make theirs. Whoever else finds them can either kill or help them, but you will not be the one to do it. (0)



Like last time, add up your total based on the numbers in the parentheses. If it is negative, you are Evil (and I’d like to stay very far away from you, no offense.) This means you believe your power and cunning is above all else, and you’re willing to do anything, including and especially harming others, to get your way. You may have a strict set of rules to use, or maybe not, but ultimately, power and glory are above all else, even other people.


If you had zero, you are Neutral. Either you do not have strict views on situations, or have a conglomeration of different worldviews based on a nuanced sense of self. Either way, you don’t find yourself leaning towards any perceived “good” or “evil” in this world.


If you had a positive number, you are Good. You put the wellbeing of people over the glory and gains you could have. You’re willing to heal and help. You’ll hear out nearly anyone, even those of Evil, if it means they have a chance to be redeemed. But you also do not tolerate Evil if it can’t be redeemed, and will work towards making the world a better place by giving evil the boot.



Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash