Alignment Quiz (Part 1)


Jessi Siebert, Columnist

At the request of my most dear colleagues, I have put together a quiz for determining your D&D alignment! This is the first part, which is the first half (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic.) It’s a short, simple quiz. Each answer has a number in parentheses. Whenever you pick an answer, add that number to your total, starting from zero. You’ll see what it means at the end! Now, here is the quiz!


  1. You are a highly important and respected figure in your community. You’re very skilled and have done great service for the kingdom in which you reside, however corrupt it is. However, one of your close friends has recently come out as a revolutionary and has started an all-out war. Your decision could sway the very course of history. Who do you side with?

    A) The kingdom. Regardless of how great your friendship is, they’re causing more issues by starting a war. (-1)

    B) Neither. Your influence shouldn’t matter very much, and even if it does, it’s not your place to decide how fate aligns. (0)

    C) Either one. It fully depends on how my morals align. If the kingdom is right, I shall support them. If my friend is right, I will lend my blade to their cause. (+1)

    2. You have found a very rare and powerful object. It could be a magical artifact, some majorly important intel, or even a great weapon. What do you do with it?

    A) Use it for myself and my friends. A rare magic item or powerful weapon should be used, and if I can protect my loved ones or make my enemies suffer, why wouldn’t I? (+1)

    B) Turn it in to the proper authorities. Intel should be returned to its owner, and magic items should be studied by professionals. (-1)

    C) Leave it be. It could be dangerous for me and my close companions to be involved with it. Whoever else wants to get it can have it. (0)

    3. Someone, or something, is attacking the city you’re in. The military has ordered a full emergency evacuation effective immediately. While the city is being bombarded and ruined, you find that a child has been pinned underneath some rubble. You were told to evacuate at all costs. What do you do?

    A) Keep leaving. Whatever happens, happens; it’s not your fault nor your place to help that child. Someone else may come along anyway. (0)

    B) Call the authorities and then leave. They told you to evacuate, but you can’t just leave the child there without doing something. (-1)

    C) Help the child. You’ll be damned if you think that leaving a child behind is a good idea, even if the military said to get out. Nobody left behind. (+1)



Now that you have your total, we can decide the first half of your D&D alignment!


If the number you have is negative (-), then you’re Lawful! That means you follow the law or rules, even if your own moral code doesn’t fully align. That’s not to say you’d fully abandon your morals just to keep in line with rules!


If your number is 0, then you’re Neutral! This can mean you don’t lean any particular way when trying to get what you want, or you’ll follow the path of least resistance!


If your number is positive (+), then you’re Chaotic! This means you do what you want to get to your goals. You don’t follow the rules if those rules are stupid or hold you back.


Image courtesy of Lucas Benjamin via Unsplash