Letter from the Editor

Jack Waguespack, Editor-in-Chief

I started this semester with the goal of having a diverse, inclusive staff that gives everyone a platform, especially those who aren’t always guaranteed one. I’m happy to end this semester with one of the most dedicated and hardworking group of journalists, editors, and designers I have seen since starting at Driftwood. This semester challenged all of us with juggling politics and personal views while also reporting on only the truth. While there is always someone that will disagree with our articles, which we encourage and call for others to continue to question us, the most important thing for a publication to do is to give every type of student a voice. If you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, reach out to us and help us give you a platform. If you disagree with everything we say, create your own space and make someone listen to you. No staff or publication is perfect in every aspect, but mine is pretty damn close when it comes to staying true to their voice and the principles of Driftwood. With that being said, I am proud to have my Entertainment Editor, Veronika Lee, as my interim Editor-in-Chief while I am on military leave. I can’t wait to see what my staff accomplishes over the next few months and what I get to come back to in the fall. I know this staff will continue to put news first and promote Driftwood the best that they can.