The truth behind the nacho stand


Erron Thomas, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a genuinely nostalgic time of year—mainly for alumni, but it certainly can be for current Privateers as well. The events, in conjunction with the celebration of the school, certainly send a first-year student down memory lane, even if the memories have been recently made. 


While the celebration is a tradition among all universities and colleges, many colleges tend to celebrate them differently, yet all in pursuit of school spirit. 


Take some local universities, for example. Xavier’s 2019 homecoming had several weeks’ worth of events, on top of having up-and-coming artists perform like Rico Nasty. As if one media star wasn’t enough, the university invited Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, a doctor who stars on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” for a Q&A session about her journey and advice for the future. The university had a plethora of events, talks and opportunities to show campus pride. The university even had their spin of a night on the town, hosting a boat ride on the river for students. 


Dr. Metcalfe is an alumnus of the university, so it may not be too difficult to invite her back to campus. Yet, Rico Nasty isn’t. How does the university have this sort of pull? UNO certainly has esteemed alumni all over the world. Does the university not want to consider having entertainment-like comedians? 


Xavier wasn’t the only school with a comedy show and a host of exciting events. Dillard put on a show as well, with a host of traditional university spirit-incorporated events, they also made time for rapper Yella Beezey to perform. Meanwhile, UNO promoted National Nacho Day with a stand out in front of the library. 


Louisiana State University did mirror some of the other itineraries above with events like talent shows, block parties, and a concert. The university shared some similar aspects to those of Xavier and Dillard although their activities were more reflective of the lifestyle of the school. Banner decorating, five on five basketball tournaments, and a pool party were all indicative of the on-campus living dynamic of the university. 


Dillard, Xavier and LSU all have one thing in common — they’re expensive. In comparison, UNO is a reasonably inexpensive university to attend. Perhaps that’s why the homecoming events don’t mirror those of the neighboring universities. Is $20,000 a semester worth the concerts, tailgates and parties? After all, isn’t it what you do with your education afterward going to make those costs make sense?


Maybe the university is too much of a commuter school for those who can make changes to be convinced that it’s worth it. Why have all these events promoting school spirit when the majority of the students aren’t even much around to participate? While the university’s Homecoming wasn’t bad, those on our campus arguably entered the next week asking themselves if that was it.