The pros and cons of college roommates

Erron Thomas, Staff Writer

College can undoubtedly generate a host of feelings and emotions. One often commonly dreaded one is the idea of having a dorm mate. 


Something like this could truly make a person uncomfortable. Before going to college, many students have gotten extremely comfortable with their way of life. They’ve cultivated how they live their life for some time now. 


Not only does being in a completely different environment throw this comfortability off the rails having to share it with a stranger certainly doesn’t make it a more natural pill to swallow. 


“ well, at first, I was overly excited with the idea of sharing the space with someone” Biology major Maddison Cooper answers how she felt about moving in with a stranger. 


As the conversation continues, cooper goes into detail as it relates to her excitement. How great would it be to have a best friend and not have to put in all the work of the first few awkward encounters she explains. The possibility of having a roommate isn’t always scary. For some, it may be an easy opportunity to know someone on campus. 


Cooper shines a light on some exciting things. “Everything was all fine and dandy until something happened that I wasn’t okay with.” Without going into grave detail, Cooper touches on a compelling concept. Communication! 


How does someone address a dislike with someone they rarely know? Especially in a manner that won’t cause unnecessary damage? 


Keeping an open lane for communication is beyond pivotal. If the roommates are unable to express themselves, precisely their feelings because of fear or lack of familiarity. One roommate could be left off having a miserable semester having to come home to an unwanted space every day. 


Not only does this create some short term problems between the two. It could turn into a long term issue for whoever affects. 


“Oddly enough, it certainly plays a healthy hand in the way we develop and act overall later on as a human” marks sociology professor Julia li. speaks on human interaction and development. 


In regards to the professor, the sort of small issue of your roommate eating loudly, or continuously taking your belongings without asking. While trivial in the begging, this could lead to one becoming a pushover for the rest of their life. Allowing others to walk all over them due to fear of expression of thyself. 


There are some obvious pros to having a roommate. Having someone to confide in, get work done with, feed you when you can’t feed yourself, someone to hang out with, and someone who could potentially be a life long friend. 


While all these great things can come from having a roommate. There are certainly some disturbing things that could result from a long term in having a roommate that you don’t get along with. 


Universities are tasked with accommodating everyone.