Fall 2019 SGA elections

Jada White, Contributor

The closer we approach midterms, the more strongly students focused on selecting new Senators for UNO’s Fall 2019 Student Government Association (SGA). This year, representatives ran in every college as well, and administered a new Constitution. Students were expected to vote “Yes” or “No” on the proposed new Constitution. During the summer, the SGA Constitution Reform Committee met in agreement with SGA law. On Sept. 12nd, the SGA Senate approved the Constitution as required by SGA law. Upon consideration and great review, the SGA decided that a more refurbished Constitution should be proposed to the students. Voting was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Oct. 1st and Thursday, Oct. 2nd.

In the rush of midterms, most students are unaware of the university’s activities. Others however are highly aware of weekly student affairs and SGA events. Then there are the students who do not check their emails as often as others. “I don’t think I will vote,” Biology major and freshman student, Kelly said. “I mean, this is my first year in college. Voting in high school was different and I still do not know anyone, especially the running candidates. We voted on pen and paper rather than receiving a link via email. Furthermore, I haven’t seen or heard anyone campaign what they are standing for,” Kelly concluded.

Junior and Music major Cody said, “I think a new constitution would be a great idea! There is always room for improvement and enhancing the student body who represents the university.” Generally, the university’s Constitution seeks to reform the governed student body to improve the university. Additionally, the Constitution provides the University with a Graduate Student Council. “It is a great idea that a Constitution is even implemented in the Student Government Association. It gives the SGA greater outline and procedure, although they are doing a good job as is. The importance of a Constitution is just as important as having a Student Government Association. We need more leadership and student bodies that promote it,” Cody concluded. 

Some students who are participating in voting are looking forward to the next election already. “I am so excited for SGA’s next election because I plan to run,” sophomore and English major Elizabeth said. “During my senior year of high school, I was the President of the Student Council and that has always been something I devoted my time to: making a positive impact on the school and being a leader of the student body. I would say that campaigning is quite different in college. I seldom have seen election flyers or candidates,” she stated. “It gives me an idea of what to look forward to when I run to be a member of SGA,” Elizabeth included. 

Although some students were unaware of the election, some are. The election is very important for the university, as we are electing those to represent the student body. Student voted Oct. 1st and 2nd, midterms for some students. On Oct. 10th, results are to be official if uncontested. On Oct. 16th, runoff results will become official if uncontested.