Moonlighting as a Monster: Spotlight on UNO Business Student By Day, Scare Actor By Night


Veronika Lee, Entertainment Editor

Talk about moonlighting – when the sun goes down on the weekend, second year business major Anna Boe is in fright rags terrorizing fear seekers at Scout Island Scream Park. Becoming a part of the eerie outdoor attraction that sits atop 50 acres of dreadful landscapes was just as random as it sounds – Boe’s roommate, a theater major (and haunted house veteran) applied for and was awarded the job and invited her to apply, as well. Now in her second year of haunting, Boe has been promoted to manager.


“I have a different character than I did last year. This year I acted as a zombie before I got promoted to a manager position. The backstory for the set/theme of the zombie attraction is pretty much just zombies taking over what was left of an area after nuclear fallout. The props and sets that were built for that attraction really tell that story. Last year, I acted as a ‘spider victim’ but there was no real backstory to that role – I just played dead and would scream for help, but it could get a lot of good scares when people weren’t sure if i was a prop or an actor!”


Boe states it’s the best job she’s ever had and insists it’s the most fun you can have while getting paid. 


“My favorite part is just entertaining people – they work hard to afford to come in here and they want pure terror and that’s what we bring them. The actors work really hard every night to provide entertainment to these people.”


Sometimes entertainment comes at a price, though. Boe says her roommate actually scared a woman so much that the woman “peed herself.” The Baton Rouge-native says that’s a long term goal of hers, as well, but since it happens so frequently she is sure she’ll make it happen eventually. 


Despite the seemingly never ending fun, the job does have some drawbacks. 


“The hours are pretty long – we get there about 3-4 p.m. and go through makeup and wardrobe. On Fridays and Saturdays we work through midnight and open about 6. We’re just going and going and it’s a very exhausting job putting your all into it. It’s more physical labor than you realize if you really want to bring it.” 


Boe practices self care before each work shift. Her weekdays are spent going to class and studying and when it comes time to turn on the horror, she makes sure she is well fed, hydrated, and energized. And who knows – this may not be the last time we see Anna Boe in character. She has considered trying her hand at acting.


“I realize I have more potential than before – you can just be a character for a few hours and go into an alternative reality,” she says.


When the Halloween season has passed, you can find Anna Boe in a totally different seasonal role – a lifeguard in the spring and summer months.


To try and spot Anna at Scout Island Scream Park weekends now through Nov. 2. Cost of admission starts at $20. For more information, visit Follow Anna’s adventures on Instagram @annabananaramma_ and on Twitter @annabananarama9 


Photos courtesy of Anna Boe