Saints vs. Cowboys prediction

Joe Bellott, Sports Writer

Just about 300 days ago, the Saints headed into “Jerry’s World” to face the Dallas Cowboys. With a ten-game winning streak, and offense that looked untouchable, the Cowboys may have played their best game of the season with a 13 to 10 win over the Saints. Drew only threw for 127 yards. With any knowledge of who Drew Brees is on the field, one could easily guess that this was his worst throwing performance of his entire career. This time around an educated guess can be made that Drew will throw for 0 yards. After a hand injury suffered from possibly the ugliest Saints performance in many games, he will continue watching his pupil.

That pupil is Mr. Teddy Bridgewater, a former Heisman front-runner from the University of Louisville who has now seen action in one and a half games for the Saints, and a 1 and 1 record. It’s notable to mention that he threw for just under 10,000 yards in 3 years in college, just north of 300 yards a game. His receiving options were less than par, with only one of them (DeVante Parker) currently in the NFL. In contrast to his college team, he’s now a very rich man as far as his receiving options. Michael Thomas is arguably the best receiver in football, tied with a few others. Also helping him out is his running back, Alvin Kamara. The chemistry should be building exponentially from game to game with this being only his second appearance as the starting quarterback.

Dallas returns 10 of 11 starters on a defense that limited Drew to only 127 yards. Last year, the Cowboys had the sixth-ranked defense. True Saints fans would assume that their defense was 6th ranked defense of all time because of what the Saints have done these past years with Drew at the helm. Also notable is that the Saints had the second-ranked offense of 2018, trailing only Patrick Mahomes, the eventual MVP, and the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. What this may mean is that Dallas had a preparation like no other for win over the Saints, sort of like a rivalry game in college, i.e., Alabama vs. LSU. With 10 of 11 starters back on defense, there can be some serious replication of their defensive performance.

For the game prediction, I biasedly have the Saints getting a victory in come from behind fashion with a score of 29 to 27. Look for the Saints primary return man, Deonte Harris, to have a huge game with plus 100 return yards on the day, and possibly even an appearance or two on the offense. Special teams and coaching are going to be the hallmark of this game. Our defense has played deceivingly well under pressure, sealing a win over the Seattle Seahawks despite giving up over 400 passing yards. The Cowboys poise somewhat of a threat in the run game with the perennial all-pro back, Ezekiel Elliot, but a lack of depth at the position will benefit the Saints greatly. Also, Amari Cooper, the former Alabama All American, has lit up the league so far as a Dallas Cowboy. He should have easily over 100 yards on the night.

The Saints coaching staff may only be trailing the Patriot’s coaching staff as far as game impact. With that said, the coaching staff is dealing with a child, Teddy Bridgewater, in only his adolescence meaning the strides he can take from game to game could be very noticeable, especially since his parents (the coaching staff) are very strict. The Saints fanbase exists without any nickname such as “the 12th man,” but that does not matter. The dome-field advantage will be as good as it has ever been on Sunday Night Football televised on NBC at 7:20 PM.