Why some universities are going green



Jada White, Staff Writer

According to U. S. News and World Report, some college campuses are going green and it may be a great idea. In recent news, Elton University, located in North Carolina has been promoting the importance of going green, as the earth is our home and we should take care of it. The idea of promoting a healthier and safer environment is believed to motivate students and staff to become a part of the team and save our planet. Some schools have even curbed carbon emissions, banned the use of plastic water bottles and are aiming to build or refurbish campus buildings in becoming LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

UNO Environmental Science majors believe that going green is a great idea, but will be harder to enforce around the campus. “Who wouldn’t agree with saving our planet? We are responsible for this Earth, as humans and as consumers. This is our home,” Environmental Science major Kelly Celeste stated. Celeste says that she has always tried to promote a safer environment and planet since she was in high school, but students did not show any concern whatsoever in the topic. “It breaks my heart to know that my former and some new peers do not care about our planet as much as I do. When we liter, we are harming the Earth slowly but surely, without any remorse or consideration whatsoever,” Celeste said. 

Although Celeste is an Environmental Science major, she concluded that the idea of a safer planet may not be as important to everyone else because they are not sharing the same major as her. “If everyone were Environmental Science majors, I’m pretty sure there would be an increase in care and love for our home. People also fail to realize the potential hazards of drinking from plastic water bottles as BPA and other plastic toxins have the potential to enter the bloodstream, potentially causing cancer and other life-threatening health problems.” Celeste concluded.

In contrast to Celeste’s thoughts, Political Science major Jewel Young stated otherwise. “Going green is always a great idea, but it’s all a mindset thing,” Young included. “I am not so big on going green because I believe that it takes more than just me to make a difference in the safety and health of this planet. I don’t liter as often as most people probably do, but whenever I do it, it never crosses my mind to think about what will happen to earth when it is polluted. People throw stuff in the oceans and rivers all the time. People drink out of plastic water bottles all the time as well. I feel as if that is not something that even the ‘president of green’ can control. No one actually cares about the status and health of this planet, and it truly does suck.” 

Professor Washington, a former Environmental Science professor at Tulane University, said, “Although everyone does not believe in devoting so much care, time and energy into our planet, they should still understand the potential hazards of what can happen to our planet.” 

Professor Washington continued, “I always believed in promoting going green to all of my former students. Although I retired two years ago, I would keep in contact with some of my students and see if they’ve been treating our planet kindly. The importance of going green lies in the outcome of what will happen to Earth. The problem is that many people do not think long-term when they liter. When we go green, we are not only benefiting this planet but ourselves as well. I would say the importance of going green includes the future of later generations. We are showing them what not to do and creating a much more hazardous environment to them when we chose not to go green.”

Although everyone may not see the importance of going green just like others, it is not too late to save the planet. Each day there is an opportunity to better the world that we live in. It does not and should not hurt to properly confiscate trash. The future lies with us concerning the earth and future generations. Take a stand and go green in promoting the proper love and care that our home should have.