The development of rowdy rascals


Johari Reynolds, Staff Writer

On Sept. 24, in the Quad of the library from noon to 2 p.m., Rowdy Rascals Storm UNO was hosted by the UNO Student Activities Council (SAC) and Residential Life. Isaac Sultana, planner for Rowdy Rascals Storm UNO, wanted to find a non-profit vendor to bring animals to UNO’s campus. It has been done before, but Sultana had to reach out to different organizations to find the right one for this event. Sultana explains, “After reaching out to multiple organizations, Jess, the Area Coordinator for the Residential Halls, and I found Take Paws Rescue.”


Isaac Sultana is a sophomore Residential Assistant (RA) for Pontchartrain Halls. When asked how this event came about, Sultana replied, “This event was originally planned to be a RA event done by the Residential Halls on campus and organized by me.” It is common for RAs to host their own events, however, the reason Sultana decided to open up the event to the whole campus is heartfelt.


“The theme of the event was Emotional Wellness, and I thought having animals come to campus was the perfect way to help to reduce stress and increase happiness in students,” Sultana explained. “This made me want to do an event where students would have the chance to pet an animal sometime during their day to help improve their mood. While looking for vendors and sanctuaries, I realized that I needed more time for the event and I wanted it on a larger scale to have more than just the students in the residential halls to be at the event.”


Since Sultana is a part of SAC and also works in the Residential Halls, he decided to involve SAC as well. “I knew I could make the event better when I involved SAC and the Halls. It was a great idea to combine the organizations to make something happen, because it helped to create the event more creative, it gets more people involved and it expands the outreach when advertising the event.” Further describing the event’s involvement with SAC, Sultana detailed, “This event also falls into both categories of what SAC and Residential Halls support: for the students to have fun, increase their wellness, and to educate. This event expresses that organizations should work together more often.”


Isaac Sultana worked hard planning this event. “I made this event because, as all Residential Assistants and members in the Students Activities Council, I wanted to have an effect on someone,” Sultana. “I wanted someone to be able to smile during their stressful day and just enjoy something soothing about life. I know I did not have to go through all the trouble to plan [an] event on this scale, but I wanted to because I know someone will appreciate it and might need it.”


One of the event coordinators said, “Take Paws Rescue will be on campus at the event with puppies and dogs and are accepting donations, volunteers, selling Take Paws Rescue merchandise, and informing students how they can adopt a dog or puppy. There will also be carnival-themed food at this event which people are free to have.” 


Everyone had a great time petting puppies and enjoy the festivities. Information about SAC and the Residential Halls was provided by members of those organizations.