Falling into fashion


Johari Reynolds, Staff Writer

Fall is approaching and some of us can’t wait to bring out our go-to spooky pullover and leggings, while others can’t wait to wear our favorite stylish sweater with booties. 


Louisiana isn’t like some states, considering it is hot and humid nine months out of the year. Some apparel isn’t always the best choice in the early autumn weeks; however, that doesn’t stop many. People still like to dress their best with seasonally inspired looks. 


The first day of fall is Sept. 23 so we asked a few UNO fashion experts, whether that be models or owners of their own fashion boutique, about their take on true autumnal looks.


Accessories can make or break an outfit – whether that’s earrings or belts, some people love completing their look with something that shows who they are through fashion. Kohi Brignac, a UNO senior, is a Business and Fine Arts major who has owned Sharp Perception Eyewear since the summer of 2017. When asked why she opened up her own business Brignac said, “I started my business because my favorite accessory is eyewear and I always found myself incorporating them into my outfits.” 


Some people go for a more comfortable look when they are on campus because of all the walking around from class to class and studying that most UNO students do. This plays a part in what students wear for any season on a day to day basis. Brignac said, “My favorite fall look for on campus would be Uggs, paired with an oversized sweater with jeans or leggings. I typically put on a stylish jacket if I’m feeling chic on that particular day.”


Aasiyah Williams, a UNO Marketing student, has done many modeling shoots in all seasons. I asked Williams to describe her favorite back-to-school season look.


“When it starts to get colder, I gotta come in clutch with the thick sock, combat boot combo. I usually like to wear some sturdy pants like maybe some mom jeans or corduroys. Layer a turtleneck under a baggy t-shirt, then throw a puffy jacket over that. With New Orleans weather, the jacket is definitely optional but I think it completes the look nicely. Lastly, I always top it off with a beanie or my bucket hat.” She describes her look as something that is seen throughout Louisiana college students – casual and comfortable with a lot of style. The model enjoys being styled for shoots in  “comfortable clothes that you can’t tell are comfortable” as in pants that have a flowy movement when you walk. 


While Kohi Brignac said her favorite harvest look to go for when she’s not on campus is cropped turtlenecks because “they can be easily paired with any outfit, which explains why I have multiple colors.” 


There are many choices for students to make when showing off their style. Accessories, tops, bottoms, and shoes are all important when completing your wardrobe. This upcoming fall, be prepared to show UNO what your fashion says about you. 


Photo of  Aasiyah by Bryce Dorand

Photo of Kohi by Matthew Lawson