Student Spotlight: Junior Film major, Paige Touzet


Veronika Lee, Entertainment Editor

Not every junior can say they were shooting a three-part music video/short film collaboration on location this summer. But film major Paige Touzet is an exception to this rule. 


It wasn’t that long ago that Paige was working as an office production assistant on the Netflix film “The Tall Girl,” starring Angela Kinsey (“The Office”). She connected with fellow production assistant (and UNO alum) Jonathan Isaac Jackson. The two talked film and as it so happens, Jackson has his own production company (The Colored Section) and it just so happened that he was going to be working on a music video project for local singer Perk, who was also a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” 


Touzet had mentioned her long term goal of being a cinematographer/director of photography and Jackson made that a reality. 


“It’s not my background yet,” she says, “But I’m trying to make it be.” So in trial by fire fashion, Paige set to work shooting on a rented Black Magic camera on location in Malibu, the Mojave Desert, and Las Vegas.  As she tells it, “We did three videos that are all out on YouTube. The final one is one song and has a storyline. We shot one at a beach in Malibu , another in the Mojave Desert on the way to Las Vegas, in Vegas we shot another. We already released two by themselves…the final one is a new music video.”


The nine minute plus “Birds in the Sky” video takes viewers on a journey – starting with a grainy, surreal voicemail message, transporting you to the ocean, the desert, and to the swirling colors of Las Vegas’ bright city lights. A disenchanted woman’s voice fries over a voicemail several times. 


Lana del Rey’s production team on “F*** It I Love You” would be jealous. Jackson and Touzet and their crew nail the magic of the West Coast despite their New Orleans roots. As for the plot, the DP insists it’s up to audience interpretation.


Paige states she has always wanted to be in the film business. Originally, the Louisiana native wanted to be a producer and says that when she got to college she was “exposed to different things.” “I like the teamwork involved [in making a film]. It’s amazing how everything is put together and planned.”


Citing horror as her favorite genre (she especially likes the first “Conjuring” film and the “Insidious” series), Paige believes networking in the entertainment industry is crucial to finding work. “My number one piece of  advice is just meet people and take advantage of the city that we live in. This city is very film matured — there’s lots of networking events and little film festivals. Take pictures, shoot little things by yourself, put things online. But the number one thing is networking — even if you’re still in film school. I’ve got jobs from people who were seniors when I was a freshmen and now are established in the industry.”


To see Perk’s “Bird in the Sky” video, visit . Follow Paige for behind the scenes pix on Instagram @paige.touzet


Photo courtesy of Perk