Spotlight: Lance Sylvester


Photo by Lance Sylvester

A picture from one of Lance’s more recent shoots his friend Amber.

Jack Waguespack, News Editor

Lance Sylvester is a first-time freshman at UNO studying studio art and practicing photography. He’s originally from the New Orleans area and also enjoys dancing and binge-watching anime. Lance is usually exploring different spots for his shoots and doing different photo walks with other aspiring photographers.

His latest photo walk took him around New Orleans with multiple other photographers shooting models in some of their favorite places. They edit, collaborate and share their work in the hope of bettering themselves and each other in their art. Sylvester shares some of his biggest influences, his favorite shoots and what’s it like to learn the editing process.

L: Lance Sylvester / J: Jack Waguespack

J: How did you start working with photography?

L: The first time I had a chance to work with photography was in high school when I took a graphic design class. The class mostly focused [on working] in Photoshop but there were a few projects involving photography. The class had cameras for students’ use and the teacher would let me use it whenever.

J: What/who are some of your biggest influences?

L:  One of my biggest influences is Peter McKinnon. He is a Canadian-based photographer/cinematographer and a YouTuber. His YouTube channel consists of vlogs, unboxing and reviews and tutorials, many of which I’ve learned from. Brandon Woelfel is another photographer I admire, mostly for his signature style.

J: What has been your favorite shoot you have done?

L: I haven’t done an actual shoot yet. Most of my work comes from photo walks, which I guess counts. One of my favorites would be this one set I did with a model named Lillian who was a professional model.

J: What is your editing process like?

L: My editing process is usually me sitting in my room alone. First, if I feel like I need to, I will put the photo in Photoshop and do some skin retouching and eye enhancements if necessary. Then I import that into Lightroom to edit the photo. I start with one photo and adjust the basic things, [like] contrast, exposure and white balance. Then I go into the more advanced options to get it to a certain look. As of now, I don’t have a specific style, but I’m getting there.

J: Do you plan on making a career out of photography?

L: I do plan on making a career out of it. I also want to get into videography.

J: Where are some of your favorite places to shoot?

L: In the city, mostly. Anywhere with a lot of vibrant colors is ideal, including places with flowers.