UNO Garden Club: The Garden is Alive campaign


Photo courtesy of Aasiyah Williams

Members and volunteers get their hands dirty during the club’s first service day of the spring semester on Feb. 23.

Demi Guillory, Reporter

Spring officially begins next week on Mar. 20, and the UNO Garden Club hopes to welcome in the new season with new members. Aasiyah Williams, co-president, recently spoke to Driftwood to offer some insight into the newly revived campus garden and group.

At its root, the club focuses on sustainability and maintains a student-grown garden. “The UNO Community Garden Club aims to raise awareness of nutritional fresh food, sustainable urban agricultural practices, and to promote a positive campus experience for UNO students,” Williams said. The garden club was established in summer 2013 with this mission at the club’s forefront. However, since its original founding, Williams said that the garden “has fallen into a state of disrepair.”

This neglect inspired Williams and Grace Gilpin, her co-president, to create the “Garden Is Alive” campaign. Her reason? “We are on a mission to bring the garden back,” Williams exclaimed, with a special interest in wanting people to know the garden actually exists.

Williams and Gilpin hope their campaign will attract people who are serious about helping the garden grow.

“Right now, we are taking volunteers who’d like to become active members,” she said. Williams also stressed that the club is open to anyone — students, faculty and staff — with no membership requirements. Those who are interested in joining can contact Williams by email at [email protected] From there, Williams will put them on the group email list, which will keep them informed of any meetings and events and other important information.

The club’s most recent event was the Garden Service Day, held on Feb. 23 in the UNO Community Garden. In addition to these service days, the club also hosts events like bake sales, Movie Night in the Garden, and visits to farmers markets and local nurseries.

So far this semester, there has been one bake sale, with a couple more in the works. The movie night is also something the club plans to do this spring semester. Eventually, Williams said, “we would also like to collaborate with local farms and gardens to help us revive the UNO Garden.”

The group meets every other Sunday at 3 p.m. Those wanting to attend a meeting are invited to do so by contacting the organization at [email protected] for the meeting location. The community is also welcome to keep up with the club’s progress by visiting their Facebook page — The UNO Gardeners and their Instagram page — unogardenclub.