Student Spotlight: Ian Trahan


Photo courtesy of Ian Trahan

Trahan playing his saxophone at one of his many gigs.

Jack Waguespack, News Editor

Ian Trahan is a freshman pursuing a degree in Jazz Studies at UNO. Trahan moved to New Orleans from DeQuincy, Louisiana, where he first started his career as a musician. He has his own band back home and also plays weekly in New Orleans. He plans on playing many gigs around the New Orleans area and hopes to move to New York City after college to further his musical talents. You can usually find him playing in the UNO band during sporting events or hanging out with friends around campus. You can also find videos of saxophone covers on his YouTube channel, IanSaxMusic. Ian lets us in on his plans for his future and how he started as a musician.


I: Ian Trahan / J: Jack Waguespack


J: When did you first learn to play the saxophone?

I: I still am learning, but I started to play in sixth grade. So, it was around seven, almost eight years ago.


J: Did you always have an interest in music?

I: Oh yeah definitely, I always did. My mom and dad were in the band at their high school and my step-dad is a professional guitarist, so I’ve been around it my whole life.


J: What have been some of your favorite gigs?

I: I played at the Railroad Festival, which is a festival back home in DeQuincy.


J: Who do you look to for musical inspiration?

I: If I had to pick one artist that inspires me, it would have to be Grover Washington Jr. If I had to pick a teacher, it would be Chester and his son Jairus Daigle. Even though it’s more than one person, they always taught me together so I count them as one.


J: What do you do when you aren’t playing music?

I: I mean, I love sleep. I hang out with my friends, play some video games, but most of the time I’m practicing.


J: Do you plan on making a career out of being a musician?

I: That’s the plan! I really hope I’m able to move to a bigger city for more opportunities, but New Orleans was a great place to start. Especially with all of the culture here. Wish me luck.


J: What is your dream gig?

I: Definitely touring with Beyoncé. That’s the main goal.


J: Do you know how to play any other instruments?

I: I know piano, [electronic wind instrument], and a little bit of the drums. Eventually, I would really like to learn bass.