Student Spotlight: Jolie Bryant


Photo provided by Jolie Bryant

“Muddy Magnolias” by Jolie Bryant, Prismacolor pencils.

Jack Waguespack, News Editor

First-year freshman Jolie Bryant is making a name for herself with her vibrant pieces and precise line work. Jolie is from Sunset, Louisiana and chose UNO because it offered opportunities in art and animation that her hometown did not. Majoring in studio art with a concentration in digital media and animation and minoring in computer science, Jolie is constantly practicing her craft and expressing herself through her art. When she isn’t drawing, Jolie is leading a tour as an orientation leader for UNO or attending a basketball game on campus.

Jolie tells us some of her biggest inspirations, talks about her passion for art, and reveals what she has planned next.

JW: Jack Waguespack, J: Jolie Bryant

JW: When did you first realize your passion for art?

JB: Throughout my life, I always loved every form of art, but I never felt like visual arts was more than a hobby until I had just turned 16. After a traumatic event in my life, I completely fell into art and spent nearly every spare moment I had creating it. I’ve taken art classes since I was 14, and showed a natural talent for it … prior to that, but I never created it with the real attention to detail, originality and passion that I paid to my art after 2016. I got my first personal sketchbook and began to discover my style, along with my intense need to create, and live through visual arts. Once I dove in, however, I could never go back explaining why I’m where I am today with art.

JW: Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

JB: I’m incredibly inspired by music and poetry in my art. My first detailed drawings on my own were of album covers, singers, instruments and visual representations of poems I had read and listened to. My biggest inspiration in painting is an artist named Alphonse Mucha. However, my personal style falls on the more graphic side, leaving me heavily inspired by Pablo Picasso, and many modern artists like Henn Kim and Ambivalently Yours. I find inspiration from various artists on social media as well as traditional tattoo artists.

JW: What are your favorite mediums of art?

JB: I couldn’t fully back the first medium that pops into my head, because the second I do, I immediately start to remember why I like another medium. I am definitely best at drawing and painting, and love it dearly, but I am quite fond of collage as well. As of right now, I hold the most passion for digital art. Creating graphics and digital illustrations has proven to be incredibly fulfilling to me.

JW: Do you plan on pursuing art as a career?

JB: I do. I am majoring in studio art here at UNO, concentrating in digital media and animation. Before l was completely into art, I bounced around dozens of film-related career aspirations cinematography and set design being two big ones for me. Once I realized that I needed to be doing art as a career to feed my passion for it, I quickly came to the conclusion that animation would be a perfect career for me. I can create worlds and characters of all kinds with nearly no boundaries. The possibilities are endless and exciting. I gush over the idea of working for huge production companies like Pixar, Dreamworks or Illumination, but I also believe that working for educational sources like PBS Animation, Thought Cafe or Kurzgesagt would be super fulfilling for me as well.

JW: What are some of your favorite pieces that you have done?

JB: The first two I think of when I think about favorite pieces of my own are titled “Muddy Magnolias” and “The Wall,” which are both Prismacolor drawings. Behind them is an acrylic painting of mine titled “Metamorphosis.” My most recently completed favorites would be a collage of mine titled “Inside,” created from paper made of denim fabric, and an acrylic painting of mine titled “Metal,” which also includes some collaging.