Veterans donate christmas presents to those in need

Claire Sargent

The Louisiana chapter of Omega Delta Sigma, a co-ed National Veterans’ Fraternity, works with disabled veterans and their families here in the New Orleans area. The organization at University of New Orleans (UNO) is working this semester with Bastion Community of Resilience, a non-profit community located in Gentilly that provides housing to disabled veterans and their families.

Ollie Olivero, the president of the UNO chapter of Omega Delta Sigma, discussed their organization’s work with Bastion and how others at UNO can become involved.

“We’re working with Bastion to provide a holiday experience for the kids and families there. The community recently doubled in size almost overnight. A lot of these families are moving in right before the holiday season, so we’re bringing UNO’s community to Bastion to provide a holiday experience. We’re currently recruiting organizations to sponsor a child, buy toys and other items, and go to Bastion to play Santa in December,” Olivero said.

Omega Sigma Delta is helping to provide a holiday experience for these families, who may not be able to experience the joys of Christmas without the fraternity’s help.

Bastion will provide a list of all of the children who live in the community and the children’s Christmas lists to Omega Delta Sigma. These lists will include anything from toys to toiletries and other necessities that the families in the community may need. After Omega Delta Sigma receives these lists, they will inform other organizations on campus that wish to support their cause with the next steps. Organizations who participate will pick a child to sponsor and buy items that are on the child’s Christmas list.

“In the near future, we will gather all of the organizations who are participating together, and each organization will pick the children they wish to sponsor. There will be about 40 different kids that will need sponsorship,” Olivero said. Since many children still need sponsorship, there’s opportunity for more organizations to become involved.

So far, organizations from UNO, and even some organizations outside of the university community, have joined in this cause. In order to ensure that every child at Bastion Community of Resilience gets this holiday experience, Omega Delta Sigma encourages organizations to support.

For more information on Omega Delta Sigma’s work with Bastion, email Ollie Olivero at [email protected]