A brief survey of the CleanUpNOLA initiative

Crystal McCay

Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced a new initiative for cleaning up New Orleans, deterring littering, and making the city “healthier and more welcoming.”

The initiative is known as CleanUpNOLA, and it will incorporate a range of the city’s departments, including Sanitation, Health, Parks & Parkways, Code Enforcement, and Neighborhood Engagement, according to Nola.gov. A major focus of the effort will involve strengthening the function of existing departments.

The initiative will focus specifically on certain regions throughout New Orleans. Keeping streets and buildings clean is among the main priorities. One way that the city plans to deter littering is to order and place more littering cans throughout town. The effort also strives to include the community in the cleanup engagement, so public awareness will be incorporated into the strategy.

Enforcement of sanitation laws is another achievement goal of the program. More enforcement agents are soon to be hired by the Sanitation Department, and residents will consequently be held more firmly to littering restrictions and other environmental protection standards.

Lastly, the program seeks to discourage dumping of waste materials by providing a new site for these activities. The objective is to increase the ease of access to designated sites.

To accommodate these expansions, the city intends to make some budgetary changes. The departments affected will be the Departments of Sanitation, Safety & Permits, Parkways, and Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control.

The initiative is divided into two components, with the first focusing on strengthening existing programs as outlined above. The second component is concerned with the long-term maintenance of these standards.

Moving forward, members of the New Orleans community may notice increased opportunities for involvement with clean-up efforts, as well as an uptick in enforcement of environmental protection measures.