Places to haunt in October

October has started, and that means Halloween is only a few weeks away. Many places are amping up their spooky decorations and their connection to the great beyond. New Orleans in particular has many options opening up to the public for having a good scare and a good time.

The Mortuary is a self-guided tour through a haunted house located on Canal Street. The Mortuary has been scaring people since 2007 and this year is no different. Many students should have already seen flyers for it all over campus.

While they had a few days at the end of September that allowed guests to walk through their haunted halls, they open again on Oct. 5. and continue until Oct. 31.

The theme this year is described on their website as “Darkness spreads across the land. Lawlessness reigns. Chaos runs amok … As the clock strikes 12, murder becomes legal!”

If driving isn’t intimidating, another horror house called 13th Gate can be found in Baton Rouge. Guests can explore 13 realms featuring different horror themes that are designed to scare and terrify.

13th Gate opens its doors on Oct 4. and continues all the way through halloween. Their theme is a carnival featuring terrifying clowns, pirates and more.

Ghost City also gives a Haunted Pub Crawl around the French Quarter. If students choose to go on this tour, they can see the many haunted bars on Bourbon Street and hear stories about Jean Lafitte and the ghosts of Tujague.

This is a tour meant for people over 21, as it allows for many stops along the way to get alcoholic beverages. Other non-alcoholic options include the “Killer and Thrillers” tour and the New Orleans Cemetery tour.

If a haunted house is too much, there are many other options to explore within the city. Prytania Theater will have a special showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 at midnight, and twice on Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. and midnight. This will also be a great opportunity to dress up and get crazy. Be sure to get there early, as the line gets long quickly and finding seats will become very difficult. Sometimes they let moviegoers buy online and other years had be at the door only.

Another cheaper option is to take another trip to movies to see the new “Halloween” movie that marks the return of Jamie Lee Curtis to the franchise. While “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is only offered for a limited time, people can take their time seeing this one, as it will come to theaters Oct. 18 and remain there for a while. For a cheaper night, people can even marathon the original movies to get excited.