The Cats of UNO


Translated from french poetry book “The Sound of French in Baltimore”

In a small corner of a drenched city,

there is an army of cats

ready to defend the concrete palace.

Squeezed in between the soft-eyed lake

and the tranquil neighborhood,

these sneaky cats strut about

cute and mysterious

along the louisianan campus –

a micro-city, urban yet snug

with its 70s-era buildings …

residues of brutalism,

an unexpected playground,

a Desert that students don’t foresee –

locked away in their dorms

or elsewhere, the commuter school.

I explore this landscape.

I am the brutalist cowboy.

Chillin’ with the cats

Little green rolling hills

Palm trees

Stiff wooded chairs in the Math Courtyard

Exposed stairwell

I am Rapunzel at the top.

But do I want to tumble from this concreted tree?