Students Activities Council presents a movie, food and discussion

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On Oct. 4,  Students Activities Council screened “The First Purge” at Milneburg Hall. They offered free food and drinks, such as pizza and sweet tea, and at the end of the event they had a discussion about the theme of movie and its relevance today.

“The First Purge” is the latest in the “Purge” horror movie franchise that explains how the premise of the series came to be. For those that do not know, the “Purge” is fictional event that allows for all crime, including murder, to be legal for twelve hours.

Despite coming along well into the franchise, “The First Purge” is a stand-alone film. The first three movies are not necessary to enjoy the film as it acts a prequel to the series. It explains how the American government came to the decision behind the new “Purge” amendment, and  what had to be done to ensure it.

The movie follows a brother and sister duo, Nya and Isaiah, who will be being staying on Staten Island during the experimental first purge. Those who are leading the experiment offer the residents $5,000 to participate in the experiment and more if they participate in acts of violence as well. Nya and her brother attempt to endure the many acts of violence that are happening around them. To survive the first purge, the siblings team up with Dimitri, the drug dealer of their area, their neighbor Delores, as well as Louisa and Selina, two members from Nya’s church.

Students got a chance to grab some food before sitting down with blankets and friends at the start of the Students Activities Council event. Once the movie was completed a representative of Students Activities Council lead the discussion for the crowd.

Students were initially asked for general thoughts about the movie before getting more and more specific questions. At the end of the discussion, students were discussing governmental violence in low-income areas, the benefits of having people of color be the leads of the movie, and relating those ideas to current political issues.

“It was a good movie,” said Sara Davis, studio art major at the University of New Orleans. “It had a decent plot; I cared enough about the characters, and I just like the Purge movies. I like horror movies and it’s fun to watch in a group, so I hope if they ever do an event like this again, they keep the same genre.”

“Usually movies like this make me paranoid, but due to the other people with their funny comments, I found it very fun and enjoyed it!” said Crystal Bennett, a psychology major. “I would love to go another movie event that was indoors.”

Many students agreed that this was a good event and hoped to see Students Activities Council host another event like this in the future.

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