A brief survey of changes in Student Housing

A brief survey of changes in Student Housing

Students returning to the dorms at Pontchartrain Hall may have noticed some changes to the dorm experience since the last school year.

One development is that student Housing has experienced an upward tick in the dorm resident population this school year. “This semester, the dorm occupancy was set to be the highest that it has been in a while,” explains sophomore resident assistant Charles Thompson. “I think it went up over 100 people between the spring semester and the fall semester, and I feel like that’s very close to capacity.” When asked of his perception of the cause for that growth, he identified “the larger incoming freshman classes” as a likely reason.

With a lot of transitions happening in leadership and other positions, Thompson has expressed his observations of the effects of some of the transitional vacancies. “The area coordinator of South Hall left, and without her being here, there is only one person filling the job of two people. So it’s been a bit more hectic and more responsibility has fallen on the RAs, and Housing has been trying to fill the area coordinator position since January.”

The leadership team of the housing program is also featuring some new members, including Margaret Royerre in the position of Director of Housing. Thompson described the new leadership to be particularly exceptional. “She has been making it such a better place and cleaner place for people to live, it’s so significantly better.” Thompson also details that improvements in organization will allow swifter responses to maintenance requests and other needs. Some students may have already observed changes in this area.

Additionally, housing has a couple of ideas in store for the dorms in the future. “They’re in the process of getting rid of cable in the bedrooms and replacing it with high-speed internet, which is a big thing for the better,” Thompson describes, “because the Wi-Fi in certain rooms can be spotty, so it’s gonna be a lot better now.” Residents will be able to look forward to faster internet speeds in the future as a result.