Meet the staff

Driftwood Staff

Nathan Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief

Nathan Nguyen is an engineering major at the University of New Orleans. He works hard in ROTC and he absolutely loves dinosaurs. He is in a frat and is very smart. He might even have a 4.0 GPA, but nothing can be confirmed or denied. Some say they can see Nguyen in the early morning on campus reciting Pi, others say he can be found near the pond practicing his singing; none know for sure the talents of Nathan Nguyen.


Hope Brusstar, Managing Editor

A lifelong lover of dogs, cats and nonfiction, Hope has an avid curiosity for the world around her. She’s probably a teacher’s pet, she really likes keeping things organized and tidy, and will do anything to procrastinate. But she has a passion for adventure and just recently finished a month-and-a-half-long trip to Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Norway and Germany. Hiking in beautiful natural landscapes soothes her, while trying to pick a career does not. Relatedly, writing is her favorite hobby, and math is her course of study. She is also trying to learn to play piano, paint and speak a couple languages, even if only a little bit. Hope can also read upside-down at a steady pace.


Crystal McCay, News Editor

Crystal McCay is a second-year student at University of New Orleans double majoring in political science and business administration. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee to Liberian immigrants. She would like to achieve a master’s degree in agricultural economics, agricultural policy or a similar area upon graduation from UNO. She is still considering a range of possible vocational options, which include sustainable entrepreneurship, journalism or other writing or nonprofit administration in agriculture, environment or another field. She maintains interests in political philosophy, environmental protection, plant-based living, and rail transit. Her hobbies include yoga, nonfiction reading, longboarding, hiking and sailing. She also enjoys horror movies and experimental music.

Her prior writing experiences stem from her participation as an Oxford style debater, a delegate at Model United Nations, a lawyer in Mock Trial, a student of classical Latin and a member of the Lott Leadership Institute for policy and public speaking.


Cassandra Jaskiewicz, Entertainment Editor

Cassandra Jaskiewicz is a senior at the University of New Orleans majoring in English. Originally, she is from Michigan, but without fail, makes the 16-hour drive to Louisiana in order to further her education. She works hard in all her courses, and many teachers has described her as a pleasure to have in class. In the Buzzfeed quiz, “What Fruit are You,” she got labeled as a banana, which meant she was “goofy” and “loved to make other people laugh.” Jaskiewicz loves traveling and over the past summer completed a study abroad in Cork, Ireland. She learned many things about the culture, herself, and how fast she could work in a five-week program. Jaskiewicz dreams of working with IGN or Polygon, but is not picky about her career after college and is open to any and all future job offers.


Claire Sargent, Contributor

Claire is a senior at UNO, and she’s super excited to be interning at the Driftwood this semester! She hopes to be writing professionally in the near future. In her free time, she enjoys singing, reading, and hanging out with her cat. She stays pretty involved on campus, so one can spot her with her Delta Zeta sisters, at an Intersectional Feminism Club meeting or stressing out about schoolwork in the library by mid-semester. Oh, the joys of being a college student!


Erinn Beth Langille, Copy Editor

Originally from Nova Scotia, Erinn Beth Langille is an award-winning writer who has published in national magazines, newspapers and journals. She has degrees from Dalhousie University, the University of Essex, and two from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and is currently a fiction candidate in the MFA program at the University of New Orleans. A former organic farmer, film costumer and restaurant manager, when she isn’t writing stories or working on her novel, she works with the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival and organizes the creative program at The Lemon Tree House Residency in Tuscany, Italy.


Lauren Loisel, Social Media Manager

Lauren Loisel is a third year Marketing and HRT Administration student. She works full time as a baker. She loves her family, friends and going to the beach as much as possible. Lauren hopes to spend her life traveling around the world while working hard and advocating for positive change.