Things Every UNO Student Should Know

Claire Sargent

Getting used to a new school can be overwhelming for some students. Going to college is very different than going to high school. It can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. To help out, here are a few tips every University of New Orleans student should know.

It’s August in New Orleans, meaning torrential downpours most days, even if the sky looks sunny without a cloud in sight. Don’t let the sky mislead you; it will still probably rain. Downpours in New Orleans almost guarantee there will be some flooding and strong winds. To combat the elements, keep a rain jacket and rain boots nearby at all times during this monsoon season. These two items are necessities down here. The University of New Orleans campus is prone to flooding, just like the rest of the city. Don’t be the one who is soaked and running across campus holding their shoes in their hands. It’s not fun.

If living in Pontchartrain Halls or Privateer Place, it would be wise to invest in one of those handy portable washing machines on the market. The washers in the dorms are almost always full unless it’s 3 a.m. No one wants to stay up all night doing laundry when class is at 9 a.m. The same goes for the washers at Privateer Place, except it’s even worse because those washers cost money to use. To avoid all of these obstacles, it would be easier to just have a mini washer to use in a dorm or apartment that doesn’t have a regular washer in it. The only downside is that these mini washers only come with a spinner to dry clothes, so it’s best to hang dry clothes after using a mini washer. It’s still better than using those Pontchartrain Halls and Privateer Place washers.

One of the most important pieces of advice for all new students is to get University of New Orleans emails forwarded to a primary email address. Let’s be real, no one checks the university email like they check their primary email account, which can lead to missing assignments, showing up to class when it was cancelled and other embarrassing things that students typically wish to avoid.  To avoid missing out on important information from professors, faculty and staff, make sure to forward your university emails to a primary email account that’s checked regularly. To forward all emails to a primary email account, one should log on to their university email address and click on the question mark at the top by their name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will prompt the Help section. In the text box that appears, type “how to forward”. The screen will then prompt a “start forwarding” option. Click on “start forwarding” and type in the email address you’d wish to use instead. Congrats, all of those emails will now be forwarded until graduation!