While You Were Gone

Aretha Franklin Dies at Age 76

Known by many as “The Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin died on Aug. 16. Franklin’s anthem, “Respect,” was on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart for 12 weeks and peaked on June 3, 1967. Franklin was 76 years old when she passed in her hometown of Detroit.

By Claire Sargent, contributor.


Heat Waves, Wildfires Across North America and Europe

Throughout the summer, heat waves pummeled North America and Europe, with breaking temperatures recorded in Nova Scotia, California, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Portugal, among many others. In Spain, nine people died from the heat, while as of July 10, 74 people had suffered heat-related deaths in Quebec. Dry conditions and depleted water sources contributed to rampant wildfires, breaking out all along the west coast in California and British Columbia, as well as in Sweden and the United Kingdom. The heatwaves are also responsible for several large algae blooms worldwide, destruction of agricultural crop or low yields, and electricity grid crashes.

By Erinn Beth Langille, Copy Editor.


Junior Football Team Trapped in Tham Luang Caves

On June 23, a junior football team entered Thailand’s Tham Luang Cave and was trapped there after heavy rainfall caused it to flood. The group was found alive on July 2 by two British divers. They discovered the team two and half miles from the start of the cave. The organizers of their rescue, which included international and domestic help, attempted to pump water out of the caves to make it easier for children to escape. However, rescuers soon aborted these tactics so as to evacuate everyone before the next monsoon. Between July 8 to 10, the coach and the boys were delivered to safety from the caves with only minor injuries.

By Cassandra Jaskiewicz, Entertainment Editor.


LeBron James’ I Promise School Opens

On Monday, July 30, LeBron James’ “I Promise” school opened. The school was built in response to the poor academic performance of underprivileged students in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio. Among many other benefits, the school will offer each student a free bicycle, school supplies and free college education. A food pantry is available to all students’ families, all students and faculty have access to a fitness trainer, and job placement assistance and GED classes are open to parents. I Promise School is a public school, not a private or charter school, intended specifically for the local Akron children. Currently, 240 third and fourth graders are enrolled.

By Hope Brusstar, Managing Editor


The United Nations Investigates Extreme Poverty in the United States

Philip Alston, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, led efforts to further understand extreme poverty in the United States. Many regarded the investigation to be unexpected, especially for a country that is as wealthy as the United States. The studies draw attention to the emergence of certain disease and pathogen outbreaks in poverty-stricken U.S. communities that have otherwise been essentially eradicated in the developed world and now only persist in developing nations, as well as other challenges typical of only the developing world that maintain a brooding presence in the United States today. The investigation shed light on issues like economic inequality in America.

By Crystal McCay, News Editor


President Donald Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court resulted in a vacancy to be filled by a nominee of President Donald Trump. The President’s list of finalists included four contenders for the seat: Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Judge Raymond Kethledge, and Judge Amul Thapar. Brett Kavanaugh emerged as Trump’s final pick. The confirmation process is anticipated to be highly contentious, especially with the political landscape of the court shifting with Trump’s nomination. As of late summer 2018, a confirmation date has not yet been announced.

By Crystal McCay, News Editor