Yeah, you Write!


Crowd at Yeah, You Write! Photo by Cassandra Jaskiewicz

Robyn Hoskins hosted another successful and exciting “Yeah, You Write!” for the English Department at the Cove on March 8. The event provided wonderful snacks and drinks for the audience to enjoy as they listened to the stories that students had worked hard to create in preparation for the evening.

Hoskins gave a welcome speech that thanked the students for writing their pieces and the guests for attending. Teachers and students alike came to hear the stories that were told at this event and were not let down. Yeah, You Write happens once a semester and gives students an opportunity to share their writing with an inviting and welcoming community. This event is a great way for students here at the University of New Orleans (UNO) to take a brave step out into the world of writing.

Each writer was given a quirky introduction and their dreams of the future that would often make the audience laugh and give a warm welcome to the brave author who would be stepping forward.

The first half of the evening went very smoothly. Nicholas Heard performed two poems that portrayed a range of themes, titled “Standard Procedure” and “Pthora.”  Sofia Gilmore-Montero read a short story about loss titled “A Different Kind of Famine.” Dhuha Ayman Darweesh wrote a passionate poem called “Listen to him.”

After an intermission, the second half of the event began. Unfortunately, the two of the scheduled writers, Colleen O’Connor and Peter Drennan, were not present during the event. However, Yeah, You Write did not fail to provide a second half of entertainment and literary excitement.

Bryon Reiger, a faculty member at UNO, read a short monologue that he wrote on his experiences with the military. Dhuha Ayman Darweesh returned to the stage and recite a poem about her home country. Then two students, Brianna Breaux and Kathleen Mendoza, who were members of the audience, stepped forward to read poetry they had already written to fill in for those who could not make it.

Yeah, You Write is for all majors, skills and students at UNO and has never failed to welcome a young aspiring writer into their event. Be sure to look out for this event next semester! Do not be afraid to spread your literary wings and submit a piece or to watch and enjoy the creative minds of your peers.

Editor’s note: Nicholas Heard was arrested on March 12 on suspicion of making threats against fellow UNO students.