Passion Projects and School

College is always considered to be the gateway to a better career, a better salary and a better quality of life. High school drills in the idea that by not going to college, it means failure in the future. This marks an important issue that all students must overcome and find a solution to. Should they choose their passion or should they choose something that ensures financial success when they decide their majors? For many students this seems to be either a very simple question or completely impossible.

It takes very little research to figure out that the jobs with the highest salaries are one the ones who have a degree in some form of engineering. Those jobs being closely followed by other careers that also closely related to sciences and mathematics. Many people are familiar with the stereotypes of the poor, overworked artist desperate to make ends meet. No student wants be struggling in the future because of the decisions of their youth.

Success isn’t always determined by the area of study, but more often by the passion of the person who is studying.

The arts are everywhere. Every TV show you watch, every book you enjoy, every video game you play, every song you sing along too in the car, is a result of the hard work of someone who took a chance to study and/or pursue the arts. Art inspires and teaches many people at all levels and can change a person’s outlook on the world for a lifetime. The arts can define a culture and the sciences can change the quality of life. Humanity cannot have one without the other.

However, passion doesn’t have to be exclusively in the arts. To ensure both passionate pursuits and good salary students should be able to create a perfect combination of the two. There should always be a happy medium between the arts and sciences if you feel the financial future seems bleak.

Art can easily be accompanied with business or finance to boost up the job possibilities after graduation. Internships, volunteer and freelance work can all help boost success and notability in their desired field.

Math and sciences can add a minor to add artistic relief to a intense schedule and show a diversity in interests. It can allow them to understand both the creative and logical approaches to problem solving and appreciate every aspect of the future company they will be working it.

When answering the question of choosing between passion or financial security, there is no reason to make yourself suffer–just make sure to address all your options.