UNO Hosts Celebration for National Engineers Week

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, UNO hosted a celebration for the National Engineers Week of 2018, a collaboration between the Department of Engineering, Core Element, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Over 1,600 middle and high schoolers from the NOLA area visited UNO to learn about the aspects of engineering.  UNO is the only university in New Orleans that offers degree programs in mechanical, electrical, civil and environmental engineering.

Activities included building a bridge using paper and tape that can hold pounds of concrete, exploring the portal planetarium provided by NASA, measuring four ounces of liquid using two cups that only measure five ounces and three ounces, and screenings of “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” a film that explores the ingenuity behind engineering marvels around the globe.  

“It was a great event for the engineering program because it gets kids to consider a future career in the field,” said John Hall, a senior Electrical Engineering major at UNO.  “They got to learn about our robotics club and got to talk to representatives from NASA and engineers from the military.  It’s also great for their parents because it gives them direction on how to get their kids involved in engineering before starting college,” added Hall.

Other exhibitors at the event included Intralox, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Entergy Corp., Monsanto-NACE, Girl Scouts of America, Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Shell Oil, the U.S. Naval Research Lab and University College Engineers.

When asked what he thought about the positive effects of other departments following in the engineering department’s footsteps, Hall replied that “all degree programs should have a similar event to show students what opportunities they can provide.”  

This was the second year that UNO celebrated National Engineers Week.  Here’s to many more years and the possibility of other departments doing the same to encourage potential students the same way.