A Different March Madness

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A Different March Madness

March is nearly here, which means midterm exams are fast approaching. Midterms happen a little earlier this year in order to give an edge for finals in May. While these exams don’t hold the same weight that finals do, they are a great indicator of how you are doing in a class and what habits need to be changed. Preparing for these very important tests can help your grade!

Taking notes for class is essential, but it is hard to be consistent. Now is the time to start comparing notes with your fellow classmates. Fill in the gaps for that day you just couldn’t bring yourself to care. Try to talk to two or three people, and your notes can easily become the self-made study guide that you need for the midterm!

Studying in groups with your classmates is great way to make build relationships and ensure success on the midterm. Classmates are just as an important resource as your teacher, and sometimes they are more available than teachers as well.

If your teacher is kind enough to provide a study guide, make sure you use it! Most teachers really are trying to ensure your success for class without tricking you. When you’re in class, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarification. During or right before the midterm is not  the most helpful time to ask questions.

Flashcards are a simple, effective tool when it comes to studying and preparing for tests, so don’t be afraid to make them. Re-writing the information, and repeatedly going over it will greatly help in the exam. Even if you just make the flashcards, but never get a chance to use them, you’ve already improved your possible score.

If you made diagrams, charts or graphs to help you remember your information, don’t hesitate to transpose that information onto your midterm at the start of the exam. Being able to flip back to reference will make your life a lot easier than trying to recall it each time you need it. You will feel more secure and confident with the exam. However, be sure to write your memory trick down correctly, because if you don’t, you will end up doing it consistently wrong.

Next, if you don’t know something in the first 10 minutes before class, then you probably won’t know it for the exam. So when you sit down, pull out your pencil, paper and whatever else you need, and relax. The time for studying is over. Your energy should be dedicated to the test.

Remember, midterms are meant to help you find where you stand within the class and give you time to change and improve. If midterm week is a bad week for you, there is still time to talk to your teachers and advisors.

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