What are your plans after Graduation?

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Booker Shorter, Spanish: “What I plan to do post-graduation (spring 2019) is teach Spanish at a high school level in Houston, Texas.”

Terry Shields, Biology and Chemistry: “December 2018. Planning to go to med schools, but I have a passion for teaching and science.”

Megan Miller, Interdisciplinary Studies and French: “After I graduate, I plan on going to graduate school at UNO for the history master’s program. I’m graduating this semester in May 2018.”

Johnny Clement, Film: “I plan to start up a small-time production company to do music video and commercial productions. I am graduating in spring of 2019!”

Bridget Brelet, English: “I graduate this May with an English degree and after I graduate, I plan on getting my master’s in special education. I want to teach special ed at an elementary school!”