Louisiana’s got a new slogan!

At the annual meeting of the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association in Lafayette on Jan. 23, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser unveiled a new slogan to market Louisiana to tourists: “Feed Your Soul.”

“The new slogan, ‘Feed Your Soul,’ for Louisiana tourism provides a clear message and a strong brand,” said UNO professor and Lester E. Kabacoff Chair in Hospitality Management Bridget Bordelon.“‘’Feed Your Soul’ replaces ‘Pick Your Passion,’ which was the previous campaign for the past seven years.  … ‘Feed Your Soul’ fits well with several trends in the tourism industry–experimental travel where people are taking trips to feel connected, alive, and create meaning.”

There are 80 million millennials in the United States who average 2.6 trips per person each year.

Millennials with children are also traveling more than any other demographic group and are seeking adventure.  Tour operators are adding more activity-based programming for families with younger children to their repertoire.  The new Louisiana tourism campaign seems to resonate with a growing demand for excitement, adventure, passion, and exploration.  Louisiana is the perfect blend of nature based, cultural, culinary, and entertainment driven tourism.  I think ‘Feed Your Soul’ will succeed in increasing both domestic and international visitation to the state.”