DXC visits UNO to inform and recruit


On Friday Jan. 19, Virginia-based DXC Technology visited UNO for a day-long information session to educate students, faculty, and alumni about its new place in New Orleans and the IT world. It announced its plans to open a location on Poydras as early as Nov. 13, 2018 and has recently made connections with universities around the city, including Delgado, Xavier and Tulane.

According to Regional Talent Acquisition Leader Ronielle Pierce, “UNO is one of the universities we’re partnering with.” A partnership means DXC will be working with faculty to influence curricula. Among other things, this is intended to expose students to DXC-related materials in their relevant classes. It may also create a smoother channel for recruitment of students and alumni.

With UNO Career Services urging students to act on this opportunity now, using email subject lines such as “Time Sensitive Registration for DXC Technology Jobs & Internships!!” interested students may be wondering exactly what kinds of experience will qualify them. DXC New Orleans Site Leader Terrell Boynton insisted that the 10-month-old combination of Computer Science Corporation and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is looking to employ “people of all types.” Bringing over 2,000 direct jobs to Louisiana, the company is indeed filling a variety of positions, even those outside of the computer science discipline, including receptionists and human resources specialists. “We need people who are mobile, people who pick up more work,” said HR leader Ali Ammar.

As for those who are experienced in computer science and programming, “No candidate is being discredited because they’re [a fresh graduate] or have been out of the industry for 20 years,” reassured Boynton. And in general, those without specialized experience can expect to further their education within the company through their employee-focused “University DXC” program.

“The specialty is something that we can develop later,” said Boynton.

Throughout the day, the DXC team delivered ten presentations to visiting audiences, discussing the history of their young company, and explaining their mission in New Orleans. The company was created to deliver what Boynton called “digital transformations” to clients with specific needs. DXC serves over 6,000 clients and deals in more than 60 countries, handling a variety of digital needs.

“Our clients are facing many changes and challenges,” said Boynton. His slideshow listed the assortment of industries DXC works with, including insurance, healthcare, transportation, banking, manufacturing and the public sector.

Gopala Krishnan, who handles client relations with healthcare organizations, explained that “[DXC works with] the Medicaid program already in 25 different states.” Krishnan also explained that American Airlines’ ticketing system runs on DXC software.

According to Louisiana Economic Development’s (LED) website, “the project will create more permanent direct jobs at one site than any prior economic development deal in Louisiana.” DXC’s new “Digital Transformation Center” will bring new IT jobs to the New Orleans job market, a much-needed boon to the city.

Said Boynton, “We’ve already met a lot of people who are really engaged in technology, but there’s not really a lot of opportunities here… we want to help build with the city.”