Five rules for a successful college Friendsgiving

Cassandra Jaskiewicz, Assistant Layout Editor

If you can’t head home for the holidays because of distance, school obligations, or simple unwillingness to make the trip, that doesn’t mean you are doomed to spend the holiday all by yourself. Thanksgiving is an easy holiday to spend with the friends who have become family.


Here are five easy ways to make a cheap and fun friendsgiving that still hits all the classic Thanksgiving requirements.


  1. Turkey is a must when it comes to a Thanksgiving meal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be served the classic holiday way or even be prepared by anyone who is attending. You can buy a premade turkey from fast food places like Popeyes. They let people order a Thanksgiving turkey that can be picked up on the big day for around $30 (prices vary by location). If split among a few of your friends, it becomes a very affordable turkey dinner for your friendsgiving. Unless you have all the necessary tools and talents to make your own turkey, consider outsourcing the job to the pros.
  2. Drinks are obviously needed for a good Thanksgiving dinner, and it is the host’s job to get them for the party. Drinks can be anything from soda, juice and alcohol. Friends will already be bringing some food of their own, and asking them to bring their own drinks is a little too much. Just make sure you have plenty of options.
  3. While the host should secure the turkey and drinks, guests should bring the side dishes. Mashed potatoes, casseroles, cranberry sauce and any vegetables should be available in a Thanksgiving dinner. If you aren’t comfortable in the kitchen, Costco, Rouses or Whole Foods have hot dishes at their food bars. However, if you do have friends who are confident and capable in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to assign them the harder tasks. Salads, pasta, and vegetables are easy to find in stores, but a casserole definitely demands some skill in the kitchen.
  4. Desserts are essential when it comes to a formal dinner, and for a Thanksgiving meal, pumpkin spice should be the key ingredient. Pumpkin pie can be easily bought from any grocery store and gifted to the other guests at friendsgiving. However, this is another dish that should be assigned to the guests and not the hosts. The host is already in charge of silverware, turkey and drinks; one guest can easily get the dessert for the party.
  5. Most of the time, stealing food might be considered shameful, but taking leftovers from one Thanksgiving to another is completely fine. If you have to leave early from a Thanksgiving with your family, don’t be afraid to take some food to-go for the less fortunate souls you will see later. Something homemade and filled with love is an easy booster to any meal.


There is no wrong way to celebrate a friendsgiving, but keeping these five things in mind can make it a lot easier to coordinate and plan!